Egg Hunts And Seaside Trips 

A typical British Easter bought with it the horrendous weather!  This said we managed to dodge the downpours and the wrath of Storm Katie and still have plenty of fun.

Our usual Easter Sunday started with searching for all the goodies the Easter bunny had left for us around the house and filled up on them with a super chocolaty breakfast.

Next up we donned our wellies and set off to Morden Hall in Surrey to take part in their egg hunt.

We always opt for a National Trust hunt put on by Cadburys as it gets the children interested in their natural surroundings while the adults can take in the beautiful settings.

We climbed over logs, played pooh sticks and jumped in muddy puddles while filling in our quiz sheets.

All filled in we made it to the finish line to collect our chocolate bunny prize.  The only downside we have here is that there is not an allergy friendly option, and although the hunts are put on by Cadburys I feel the National Trust could supply an alternative for those children that can’t eat chocolate.

After a sleepless night on Sunday with Storm Katie doing her worst by bringing down half our fence and sending a line of children in every few minutes telling us about the noise I still got up early to plan our trip to Margate, much to the dismay of my husband!

On our way down the winds settled a little and blue skies appeared which put a smile on everyone’s face.

We parked up and made our way for a bite to eat before making our way onto the beach.

The boys loved running into the wind and skimming stones across the sea.  I think the big boys enjoyed it the most!


Once we had had enough of the beach we headed over to the Turner Contemporary. This is a gallery I love and art is something I really want my children to be able to experience.

The children are always more taken by the vast open spaces but I always hope that they are taking something in from their trips.

Before making our way back home we took a stroll around the town looking at the quirky shops and street art and planning our next trip back.

What did you get up to this Easter?



7 thoughts on “Egg Hunts And Seaside Trips 

  1. Hi! Great photos! Thank you for featuring Street Art Margate! I took the liberty of sharing the link to the blog across our social media pages. I hope that is ok! – Ayaan /#StreetArtMargate

    1. Thank you so much. I would love you to share my post!
      We are going to be down again soon for an over night stay so I hope to be able to have more time to find more work and get some better pics!

  2. That’s a lot of fun in one weekend. Well done for getting out and missing the worst of the weather. Thankfully storm Katie was mainly overnight here too and we also got away with a dry Easter Egg hunt. Searching for clues instead of eggs does make it more leisurely with time to take in your surroundings, I felt like I was holding back a tidal wave of excited children all the time here. Love the beach trip, it always feels like the holidays with a bit of seaside fun. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Goodness I need to go through my comments better as I missed this one too! Clues are so much easier and the child’s never mind as long as they get a chocolate treat at the end do they! X

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