Creating More Space

With having such a large family one of the biggest problems we have is space.  Space to store things, space to sit and relax and space to get away to get away to to get time for for ourselves.

This is important for children to help them to develop skills to keep there own area tidy, look after their personal belongs and to create a place to get lost in their own thoughts and really use their imagination.

We are lucky enough to have a loft conversion in our house and it is large enough for the youngest two to share.

The boys love bright colours and I want to create a space that they will find fun and enticing to use, using the kind of decor that I would still love and would fit in well with the rest of the house.

I like to be able to mix an array of different colours using clashing wallpapers, soft furnishings that use different colours and textures that are exciting on the eye and to touch.

One of the biggest problems I have with rooms for young children is selecting window furnishings that look good and also keep out the light so we all get a good nights sleep!

I have found that black out blinds are always the best option and I have come across some fabulous ones from the company Velux.  They have a great array of colours that would fit perfectly into the colour scheme I was looking for and would block the sunlight from the roof windows perfectly.

I’m looking forward to creating a haven they can escape to when life with a large family gets to much and someehere they get a restful nights sleep after a busy day.

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2 thoughts on “Creating More Space

  1. I love the way you have used different colours and textures. I love having areas to escape too as do my family. I love the attic room you have created for your boys.
    Shanel x

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