A Hollywood Bedroom Theme For My Little Superstar

It’s been moodboards, paint tester and fabric swash galore in the house the past few months as number three plans her dream bedroom.

As she had just turned ten her tastes have matured and she is slowly wanting the soft toys and dolls to be banished in favour of dressing tables and jewellery boxes.

Although it makes me sad that she is my last little girl who seems to be fast tracking her way to those dreaded teenage years.  I’m also enjoying her growing independence and her strong mind that knows exactly what she wants.

Her bedroom had been a real mismatch for the past year and it now time to create a welcoming space just for her.

When it comes to decorating a  kids room there are always so many factors to consider, and for me this varies with each child.

For a preteen I think that the theme is very important.  All children go through phases of loving a special TV program or pop star but this can change in the glimmer of an eye and you are then left with a bedroom they no longer enjoy.

For number three her passion has been acting and singing for a long while and she is desperate for a Hollywood theme.

She loves the lighting and the stars that make up the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

For me the huge amount of glitz that she is wanting at this age will probably be short lived so I have coerced her into the lighting against more muted tones of bare brickwork and wooden stars creating the Hollywood sparkle.

As they grow sleepovers become a regular feature so a trundle bed is the perfect answer as it allows you extra bed space without taking any valuable floor space.
This will be furnished with simple white bed linen and muted gold scatter cushions and maybe a few sequin ones thrown in for good measure!

Im sure it is the same for most people with little ones, storage is always an issue.  Pots of lip gloss and bath bombs are currently strewn across the room so pretty glittery boxes would be the perfect fit to store them away.

As I said the toys are being banished from eye shot but she is still a little girl at heart and I want this to stay for as long as possible so we will be hiding them away in wicker baskets so she can always get to them when needed.

I’m super excited to get going in this and I hope you will keep and eye to to see our final result.

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