Japanese Nappy Review

When it comes to nappies I have tried almost everyone on the market so when I was asked to try out the Japanese ‘Moony’ nappies I was more than happy to give them a try.

The first thing I was shocked by was the super quick delivery.  They are available to buy on Amazon and were delivered promptly the next day.

The pretty packaging was appealing and although it was all written in Japanese there is no real need for any instructions when it comes to using a nappy – well with maybe the exception of my husband!

The material was wonderfully soft and fitted snugly onto number five.  They have a pull up design that I find a pain to change when you are out as you need to fully remove the babies bottom half, whereas a  traditional nappy with sticky sides would be my preferred choice.

I really liked the addition of a wetness indicator on the front that lets you know when the nappy needs changing.

We had no leaks at all whist using them and the soft material has prevented any chafing or nappy rash that you can sometimes get.

They are more expensive than I would ordinarily pay for a nappy come in at £22.50 for 54.  This would be worth paying if you had a child that suffered with skin irritations such as eczema or bad nappy rash as the high quality material would alleviate any issues with nappy wearing.  

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