Messing About At Earlswood Lakes

Seeing as we have been blessed with such wonderful weather this weekend we took our first trip to Earlswood Lakes in Surrey today.

I only had the youngest two with me and they always favour running around in big open spaces rather than playgrounds so this seemed like a great place to try out.

We arrived, parked up with ease and went exploring.  The boys loved running along the edge of the lake collecting sticks and feeding the ducks and swans.

There is plenty of space to set up for a picnic or play a game of football and a handy cabin to grab a drink or a bite to eat.

On the upper lake you can take out a rowing boat or a pedalo that the boys were itching to do!

I’m not great around water with the little ones and tend to freak out a bit, but all toggled up in their life jackets and calmly sitting on the boat we set out across the lake.

We glided around taking in the beautiful views, catching the sun and looking out for the ducks.

Legs aching just a little we made our way back to dry land and walked round the wooded area that surrounds the upper lake.

There was a thin concrete wall cutting off a section of the lake that I attempted to cross but wimped out on.  In true ‘Super Grandad’ fashion he showed me up by grabbing number five and walking across with ease!

I can’t believe we have not had a trip here before but will now be one of our favourites.

2 thoughts on “Messing About At Earlswood Lakes

  1. This looks like a perfect place to head on a hot day. I must say we love our lakes and my kids often go up for a dip when it gets too hot, fair to say we haven’t had that sort of weather yet this year but when it comes, neing near water is the best place to be. The pedalos look great fun and perfect with the added safety of the life jackets. Thank you for sharing a lovely day out with me on #CountryKids

    1. The boys were not to keen on the life jackets to be honest but it out my mind at rest at bit!
      I think we will be going back when it warms up some more to take a dip! X

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