Kitchen Equipment Galore With Kenwood And DeLonghi 

A few weeks ago I was asked along to the Kenwood and DeLonghi press preview.

I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets and live off copious amounts of coffee so this was right up my street!

Upon arriving at the venue in West London I was greeted by rooms full of super enthusiastic people all ready to show what off these great new gadgets could do.

My first stop was to see Simon from Pasta Remoli.  We had met before whilst I was doing a review for his wonderful restaurant and I knew that he would be full of passion whilst demonstrating how to make georgous, fresh pasta using the Kenwoods Chef Sense food processor.

I was initially really taken with the wonderful colours they came in that would look wonderful on any kitchen worktop.

The food processor comes with a huge array of attachments including the pasta maker that Simon was demonstrating.

He made sheets of perfect pasta with ease  that were then turned in to the tastiest tortellini I’ve tried.

From here I sampled some healthy smoothies and delicious ice cream, all of which took minutes to make.

The whole range of Kenwood applicances were easy to use and more than pleasing on the eye.  The food processor has been firmly placed on top of my Christmas list.

From here I was taken on a real coffee journey  from roasting my own beans to enjoying the finished product with a slice of cake.

My eyes were opened up to what an intricate process it takes to get that cup of coffee we all grab to start our day.

We have been looking at coffee machines for a while now and after being introduced by DeLonghi’s new super machine any other will have a lot of living up to!

All of their machines produce fabulous coffee in a few easy steps, even for a technophobe like me.

The top of range machine has the best feature I have seen before though.  A downloadable app can be set up so that you can have your own truly personalised coffee at the touch of your iPad screen.

Think back to the ‘teas made’ era and here you have the much improved version.

I came home with my head buzzing with new ideas and a huge lists of gadgets I would love to try out in the future.

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  1. Wow, interesting reviews. I love a kitchen gadget too and kenwood have great style and longevity (my mum has had her kenwood mixer for over 30+ years)

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