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Since the 5p tax on carrier bags has been unforced I would hate to think about the amount of money I have wasted.  I have a cupboard under my stairs that is full to the brim with reusable bags I buy and forget to take with me on every shopping trip!

When I got an email from the people at Trolley Bags asking if I would like to give them a try it was the perfect excuse to get me organised.

Upon opening I found there to be a neat roll of bags with a carrying handle that consisted of four bags that decreased in size and were held together with super strong Velcro.

Already this was more appealing than the bags inside bags option that I use if I ever remember them!

Once at the supermarket you simply attach the handle to the front of the trolley, rest the wooden poles across the edges and pull out to open the bags up.

With a huge family such as ours I was a little sceptical as to wether I would be able to fit a weeks shopping into them all.  I was plesently surprised to find that it made me think about where I was putting things rather than randomly throwing it in which meant I didn’t have an over flowing trolley as I usually do.

Another great perk was that with the food more hidden in the bags I didn’t have number five trying to eat the entire contents of the trolley like I normally do.

The bags lend themselves perfectly to the ‘scan and shop’ system that I keep looking at in Tesco but am yet to try.

When I hit the till point I didn’t have much faith in my ability to get all the shopping back in but I didn’t have any problems at all.

The only problem I did encounter in store was taking out an entire popcorn display with one of the wooden poles as they obviously stick out slightly from the trolley.  This was a problem much more to do with my driving skills than the design of the bags! but something you may want to consider.

The bags pull apart easily and loading into the car was great as they retain shape, stopping the usual bag spillage all over the boot.

The Trolley Bags were a massive hit with me and I got stopped numerous times on my shop by people that were impressed with the idea.

My next challenge with them will be a trip to Aldi to see if they can keep up with their ‘supermarket sweep’ style till points.
*I was given these bags for the purpose of the review and they are all my own honest opinions.

6 thoughts on “Trolley Bag Review

  1. We have these and it gives me great satisfaction each time we go to Aldi to keep up with the cashier and then leave swiftly and smugly, with other shoppers peering at the Trolley Bags in wonder. Must stop now as am getting far too old before my time discussing the merits of a shopping bag!

  2. I have these bags and love them! I’ve used them in Aldi, and love the checkout challenge of being able to now keep up with the checkout person!

  3. I so need some of these! I shop at Aldi so I would love to put my tetris packing skills to the test – mad pressure haha! These are an awesome invention xx

    1. Ha ha I still struggled to keep up in Aldi!! I’m sure she went faster when she saw I was in a mission to stay on top of their ridiculous checkouts!! X

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