My Sunday Photo:A Rainy Royal Celebration

This weekend was not the best on the weather front for the many parties that went ahead to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday.

We all soldiered on down my Mum and Dad’s road and dashed in and out of houses as and when we needed.  Nothing brings people together more than trying to get out of the rain!

This is one of my favourite photos of the day that has me wondering if number five will ever remember this day in years to come!


10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo:A Rainy Royal Celebration

  1. What a great shot and I love the antique filter (is there one?) Street parties are so against the norm for little ones, I’m sure he’ll remember the atmosphere and excitement of the day. I remember our 1977 street party and I was 6!

    1. Oh really that’s so lovely you have fond memories of a special day like that!
      The filter was Amareo on Instagram and it’s one I use quite a lot as I really like the finish it gives.

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