Giant Astronauts And Celestial Dreaming At Camp Bestival

With only a couple of days to go before we head off on our trip to Camp Bestival we have been super busy getting fancy dress outfits ready to rock the space theme they are putting on this year!

Number three has found a whole host of sparky face paints to adorn herself with and the youngest two are all set to turn themselves into aliens for the day!

They are going to feel even more at home when they arrive to see the towering 7ft astonauts that are in place with their very own sparkly sky taking pride of place in the Magic Medow.

The attraction that I am really looking forward to seeing is Celestial Dreaming instillation.  As the sun sets Celestial Dreaming will radiate the burnished light of 450 points of fire arranged in incandescent orbits, celebrating the majestic brilliance of the universe.

A fabulous solar system had been created full of sparkling constellations, cosmic relics and story telling star gazers.   

This is going to be truly breathtaking sight and it is just one of the many attractions I can’t wait to see this weekend. 

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