Bedtime Fears

A couple of months ago number four woke up and and came downstairs to discover the mouse that we had been trying to get rid of scoot across the front room.

Understandably he jumped out of his skin and convinced himself it was a bat.

I tried to explain to him it was just a tiny mouse that had lost his way and had gone to find his way back outside again to find his family.

For a few weeks he was a little apprehensive about going into the front room but nothing more was said.

That is until the past week when he has been refusing to go to bed and has been getting up countless times through the night.

I have tried everything I can think of from saying bats can’t come upstairs which he thought about and replied with the fact they could get in through an open window during the day, my eldest son came up with the idea he had an app on his phone that if it was left in a room for five minutes it would make it bat proof, I even tried to tell him bats don’t come out at night which yes I know is feeding him completely the wrong information but I am now at my whits end with it!

We all have fears and these must feel so real to him and  be causing him such anxiety and worry and I now feel helpless.

I was a real worrier as a child and recall many nights laying in the darkness, unable to sleep and imagining all sorts of scenarios that prevented me sleeping which make me feel his pain even more.

If there is anyone out there the can suggest some ways to cope with nighttime fears I would be so grateful.

5 thoughts on “Bedtime Fears

  1. Maybe get a pet mouse????? Not sure if it would work but is the sort of thing I would have tried with my children.

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