Keeping Your Home Secure While Your Away

It’s that exciting time of year where most of us are having a little break away with the family to relax, have time for each other and leave all our worries behind.
The one thing that we shouldn’t be carefree about though is the safety of our home while we are away.  

This is obviously a prime time to be targeted for a break in and unfortunatly happend to us on two occasions, but there are things you can put in place to prevent this.

Chill Insurance have asked me to come up with some of my top tips for keeping your property safe at this time of year.

Check Home Security – locks on doors and windows should be in working order and any keys that keep them locked well out of site.  As well as the main house ensure all sheds and garages are well locked and secure to.

Fake Ocupancy – A few lights on in the home will work as a deterrent to some burglars so having lights on a timer is a great idea.

Hide Tell Tale Signs – Milk being left on the doorstop, bins not being taken in and post hanging from the door are all signs that there might be an empty home.

Try to get a family member to pop round and take in the post and milk so it looks like there are signs of life.

House Insurance – This is one of the most obvious yet often over looked areas.  People fail to see it has needed updating of have missed the renewal date and so have nothing to fall back on if the worst happens.

I hope these tip have been of some help to you and I would love to hear any that you may have.

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