Back To School With Smiggle

As the school holidays draw to an end that dreaded back to school feeling is kicking in that can only be eased by the excitement of the stationary shop!

I remember as a child loving going out with my mum to get a shiny new pencil case to fill with all sorts goodies to start the new year with.

Things have moved on a lot since my school days though and there is now a whole host of cool products to fill your desk with.

Smiggle has to be the shop of choice for my little ones and when a parcel arrived a few weeks ago the colourful bag caught number three’s eye and she put her claim on it right away.

Smiggle offers all the essentials that are need to get you kited out for school but in a super fun way.

All their products have a twist on the norm which makes their products so appealing.

We were sent a set of super bright scented colouring pencils that give off a wonderful smell of cool mint, orange, strawberry and many more scents that smell good enough to eat.

When it comes to erasers there is not a plain white pebble rubber in sight. Instead they have been replaced with cool sets like the ones we were sent.

The easy to store box was full of mini fast food items such as pizza, chips, burgers and soft drinks they again have their own, individual smell.

The choice really is so vast you are spoilt for choice and with some fabulous offers on at the moment I urge you to take a look.

*we were given some Smiggle products for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions.

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