After School Treats With Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups From Whitworths

With the school term back in full swing I have lots of hungry mouths to feed come three thirty and I’m always on the lookout for something quick and easy to stave off the hunger pangs until dinner time.

It’s all to easy to reach for the biscuit tin which ultimately leads to hyperactive children charging around the house which is never something you need after a long day.

When I was sent a selection of Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups from Whitworths I was eagar to give them a try.

The bright packaging and the fruity, named characters really caught their eye and it wasn’t long before they were tucking in.

The portion sizes were perfect to fill a tinny tummy, pack into their lunch boxes or have as a standby snack in your handbag which I always need as a form of bribery!

With no added sugar and portions of real fruit they really do make for a guilt free snack for children and adults alike.

I have a range of picky eaters to ones that eat anything and the whole range was a hit with them all, from the juicy apricots and mango, the chewy pineapple and raisins and the flavoursome strawberries and sultanas.

With the different varies these mix-ups have to offer I’m sure you will find a flavour that suits everyone.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

*we were given a selection of mix-ups to sample for the purpose of this review. They are all my own, honest opinions.

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