Halloween Has Started:Priory Farm Pumpkin Picking

The days are getting colder, evenings are drawing in and one of my favourite times of year is nearly upon us…Halloween!

I’m a huge kid at this time of year and love all of the preparation for it, the most exciting part being picking our own pumpkins.

This is only a tradition we have started over the past few years but it is always such a lovely thing to do as a family and far more fun than just picking one up from the supermarket.

Last year we missed the picking at one of our favourite places – Priory farm in Nutfield and just took park in the spooky discovery walk which is also a great activity for Halloween.

Priory offer more than just a field to pick from, you climb aboard the spooky tractor and take a short ride to the field which allows for a smaller number of people than most places to pick.  This made it feel much more relaxed. 

Once we got to the field the kids made a beeline to find the perfect or actually biggest pumpkin!

I got so excited about a good photo opportunity but the kids really weren’t feeling it today.  They were way to excited to be posing for me unfortunatly.

Pumpkins sized and paid for we all piled back on the tractor and stopped off in the coffee shop for big hot chocolates and a run around in the playground.

Priory Farm is a fabulous day out with so much to do aside from the pumpkin picking which will be running again next weekend if you fancy a trip.

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18 thoughts on “Halloween Has Started:Priory Farm Pumpkin Picking

  1. That is a lot of pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie! Actually my favourite part is the seeds, they are gorgeous salted and roasted. Priory farm looks like a great day out and as you say so much more fun than choosing one from a supermarket. I wish we had a PYO around here, the photos are wonderful even if you thought the kids weren’t posing for you. I actually like photos like this, just captured with the kids not really aware.

    Thank you for sharing a lovely family tradition with me on #CountryKids

    1. It really is a lovely farm that always has something different going on.
      My son loves pumpkin seeds and asked if we could do this so that’s something for the weekend for us to do.
      PYO are so rare these days and it’s such a shame xx

  2. I think WordPress ate my comment.I would love to take my kids to a pumpkin field one day.I always seem to arrange it at the last minute to find a local farmer who is growing them.Over from Country Kids.

  3. Wow those pumpkins are huge! The colours are amazing. Looks like it was a good day out. Its been a long time since I visited that farm. They do a nice grotto at Xmas too. Stopping by from #countrykids

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