Little Tikes Now Perfect For The First Years

Little Tikes toys have been part of my life for many years now with my first getting a fabulous garden slide for her 1st birthday that is still going strong after 19 years and the iconic Cozy Coupe being the first choice of toy for my youngest two every time.

In my mind their toys were always sturdy, colourful, built to last and were aimed at the toddler years and above.

This is still very much the case but there is now an exciting new range that has been added to include newborns.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to an event showcasing this exciting new range the other week and the toys were as great as I had expected!

I walked into a big white room filled with colourful toys, confetti filled balloons and the biggest Cozy Coupe I had ever seen. I had more than a pang of guilt for leaving my youngest at home at this point as this would be every little ones dream!

Although it was a welcome change to be able to grab some yummy food without having to share it with anyone else!

The toys were selling themselves by grabbing the attention of every little one in the room. Their eyes were lighting up with everything they came across and little fingers didn’t know what to explore next!

With newborns in mind the lovely child phycologist Emma Kenny came along to reveal how new parents feel about the challenges for parent hood and it’s highs and lows.

The first few years of parenting are the hardest yet rewarding and if you can find something that is going to capture your child’s imagination, helps them learn and grow and gives you that much need med five minutes peace then you are into a wonder and Little Tikes have really encapsulated this in their new range.

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