Strictly Adults Only At The London Bridge Experience And Tombs

I love Halloween with all the pumpkin carving, trick or treating and dressing up. However I’m much fonder of the softer side aimed more at the little ones rather than the darker side of things like gouls and ghosts that I tend to avoid.

An invite hit my inbox to an adult only event at the London Bridge Experience And Tombs and fear set in as soon as I read it!

An event that is being put on especially for the Halloween period and would transform the tombs into a ventriloquists workshop with a difference!

There was no way I was going to go it alone so I took my sister along for some moral support.

We arrived at the opening where there were magic tricks being performed and snakes being drapped over people’s shoulders. After a couple of drinks for some Dutch courage our group was called to start our tour.

I was lured into a false sense of security as the first room was relatively tame and my pounding heart had settled a little.

This was extremely short lived and I grabbed at my sister’s sweaty palm like a small child.

We made our way through the thirty minute tour trying to avoid clowns leaping from the dark, unknown arms grabbing at you from behind shrouds and chainsaw welding men appearing when you least expect it.

I had my heart in my mouth the whole way round, my palms were sweating, my pulse was racing and my language was more than a little blue the whole way round!

All logic went out the window and I was completly drawn in by everything that was going on around me.

For me it was like being on a roller coaster. I hated every minute of it whist it was going on but the adrenaline rush was so great that I came out on a complete high lovely every minute of it.

The event is only on until the 31st October and there is a great offer ‘here’ which will give you a huge saving of 73% taking the entrance price from £26.95 to £15.50.

I will leave you with a sneak peak of what to expect!

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