Making Road Safety Fun

Along with the joys of parenthood come a huge list of worries they fill our heads from day one.

Are they growing as the should? are they reaching their milestones at the correct time?  how will they get on at school?

The list is endless and the only thing we can really do is try to guide them in the best direction we possibly can.

As they grow and become a little more independent one of my main worries has always been road safety.

Young minds are so fearless and an everyday activity such as crossing the road which is a huge danger to us but something a child  would never see unless we tell them.

Like most things I tell my children it goes in one ear and out the other so I always try and find an alternative way to get messages across to them rather than just drumming it into them in the old parrot fashion type way.

In my opinion children learn best through play and in this day an age sometimes an on screen game can be the perfect way for them to gain knowledge in a fun way.

We have just tried out a really good road safety game online that allows them to answer multiple choice questions about different scenarios you may encounter whilst out and about.

The animations drew in my little ones attention and they happily tried to figure out what the correct answer would be.

Take a look at the game for yourselves and see how many questions your little ones can get right.

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2 thoughts on “Making Road Safety Fun

  1. Thanks for the link, my kids really do not get it no matter how many times I tell them how dangerous the roads are xx

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