Star Wars Spanning The Ages:R2-D2 Giveaway

Star Wars has made a big come back over the past few years and much to my husband’s delight my youngest boys are now massive fans.

My husband loves everything about them and was so happy that the boys have taken on his love for the classic films too.

A few months ago after an afternoon of watching the newest film they took a trip to my mother-in-law’s to pull out all of his old toys from the loft where he found a huge box of treats that he had enjoyed as a little boy.

My husband is real hoarder – much to my annoyance but it’s times like this that I love his inability to get rid of anything.

The boys sat there playing for hours with familiar figures that have stood the test of time as much as the films have.

As the films have moved with the times so have the toys and the most exciting Star Wars toys I have seen this Christmas are the BB8 and R2D2.

The BB8 is just like having the real thing at home, with some many functions it really is a fantastic toy.

The remote control not only allows forward, backward and side to side motion it also rolls and spins around.

The BB8 has 20 droid speaking phrases and can even show emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement and worry.

If this wasn’t enough there are some great sound effects, and a moving head. This is all done by voice activation.

The more well known character who has been around from the first ever film has been brought to life as a fantastically interactive character.

He is a activated by remote control and can spin, walk and produce great sound effects.

There is even a projection that allows you to see an imprisoned Princess Leia.

Here is a little snip it of them in action!

With Christmas fast approaching what better time than to join in with a great giveaway I am running for your chance to win one of these fabulous R2-D2 toys then click below and enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If this wasn’t enough I am also co-hosting a Twitter party on the 30th November between 1-2.30 where we will all be having a chat about the R2-D2 and the BB8 with the chance of winning some Toysrus voucher which I sure will come in very handy at this time of year!  

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