Family, Fresh Air And Precious Moments

When all the hype of Christmas and New Year is over and the rushing around like headless chickens has commenced one of my favourite parts of the season begins…outdoor adventure!

Although I love the excitement and magic of Christmas I equally love getting out in the chilly winter air and spending quality time with my family before the routine of school and work sets back in.

This year we managed to have a trip to Knowle Park to spot the dears, collect some sticks and get VERY muddy!

We also took a trip to Brighton to grab some delicious seafood as a welcome break from the richness of all the Christmas food and blew some cobwebs away with a long walk along the seafront.

The beginning of January can be a pretty depressing time with the miserable weather, the come down after all the fun of Christmas and those purse strings a little tight. So why not get out into the fresh air and release some of those feel good hormones and I can guarantee it will perk you up no end!

Country Kids

20 thoughts on “Family, Fresh Air And Precious Moments

  1. It’s fab that you’ve managed to escape the wet and cold to get out and blow away the Christmas cobwebs with some outdoor adventures. Stick hunting is a fab activity for a wintry family afternoon, the imagination that all the different shape and sized sticks you find incite in the kids is always wonderful isn’t it? That seafront walk looks like a truly magnificient, I love exploring the beach at this time of year as usually you get it to yourself!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

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    1. Much to my families embarrassment they are silver boots!
      We got married in Brighton so it always holds a special place in my heart.
      Hope you manage to get out and enjoy the freshness of winter soon xx


  2. I completely agree! There is nothing like a bit of fresh air to cheer you up, and you’re right January can be quite the challenge – going from Christmas lights and Holiday cheer back to work and dark days. Looks like you had a lovely time! Great photos. xx #countrykids

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  3. That’s a perfect attitude one that I like to adopt too. Being outside and grasping at that fresh air, wet or not is the best thing ever! Truly made me smile this one 😀 #countrykids

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  4. A walk along the seafront sounds like the perfect way to blow the cobwebs away and getting muddy is half the fun on a wintry day out! Getting out and about is the best way of beating the January blues 🙂 #countrykids

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