Keeping Safe With Those New Year Renovations


A New Year and a fresh start is still at the forefront of most people’s minds with renovations round the home being top of a lot of our lists.

I know for me the bareness of the house once all the decorations are down always spurs me on to getting on with all those DIY plans.

Renovating yourself is obviously the cheaper option and for me it gives a real sense of achievement once it’s done, but it can also come with a whole host of problems that in extreme circumstances be fatal.

We all traipse of to the DIY stores with visions and dreams in our head of what we are going to create with very little thought of how we are going to do this in a safe way.

I know that there have been many occasions where I’ve been found creating makeshift scaffolding to reach those tricky bits to paint or reaching for a knife to use as a screwdriver when the toolbox can’t be found!

Mesothelioma claims lawyers conducted a survey and out of the 2098 people asked a huge 45% said they would happily drill into a wall with only 5% of them seeing any danger in this.

Hiding behind those walls could be anything…including asbestos that can lead to all kinds of health problems including mesothelioma if you were to be exposed to it.

30% of these people asked didn’t even realise that exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma.

I have to admit that until I was shown this information I had no idea that coming across asbestos in the home was so common and will certainly now be something I think about before ploughing in as usually do!

Even somethings a simple as sawing boards of MDF can risk your health and I would certainly be part of the 4% that didnt realise this.

There are risks with so many things we do in life and this should certainly not put you off creating your dream home, but it is always good to be armed with as much knowledge as you can before you take on any new challenge.

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