My Top Five Reasons To Visit Camp Bestival

You are probably all sick by now of me singing the praises of Camp Bestival but  with the headliner for Sunday has just been announced which looks like one not to be missed I just wanted to give you my top five reasons why we love it so much and why it is the perfect environment for you’re children!

  • Gaining New Experiences Camp Bestival is a the perfect place to experience a whole host of new and exciting experiences. Be it the first time the family has experienced live music (this years line up is below), new culinary delights to sample are in abundance, camping could be a first for you and what better place to try it out and finally a whole host of activities that are their for the children to enjoy and maybe find a love for.
  • Getting Outdoors With a sad decline in outdoor play this is there best place to spend an entire weekend in the open air and just realise what a wonderful place it is to be and hopefully take that love back home and make the most of the fresh air on a regular basis.
  • Learning New Skills There are lots of activities they allow the children to learn new skills in a fun and engaging way. I know that the circus skills last year were a huge hit with my teen and he didn’t put his Diablo down for the rest of the summer! The whole camping experience itself also meant that we had to find a whole new load of skill sets ourselves as well as the children.
  • Meeting New People This was something I didn’t think to much about before or stay last year but was one of the things I loved about our stay. We all lead such busy lives which can all be a little insular at times. The freedom of this festival allowed us to relax a lot more and left us open to engaging with people and letting the kids run free and make new friends which is something we wouldn’t do so much at home.
  • Making Memories For me this was the by far the most prolific part of our trip. I felt that we really bonded as a family and reconnected with our teen which I never thought would happen! We have created memories to last a lifetime and will have nothing but happy memories and funny stories to think back fondly of in years to come.

If this has got you thinking about taking a trip yourself then take a look ‘here’ for tickets to this years festival.


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