Peppa Pig’s My First Cinema Giveaway

As some of you may have seen we were lucky enough to go along to the screening of Peppa Pig’s My First Cinema Experience the other week and throughly enjoyed every moment of it.

With Peppa bounding through those muddy puddles to appear on our big screens today I have a fantastic giveaway to celebrate the launch.

This really is a dream for Peppa Pig fans with a whole host of fantastic prizes worth over £100.

  • Peppa Pig DVD 
  • Penguin Peppa Goes To London Book
  • HTI Electronic Bubbiliser And Drum
  • Trends Alphabetic Campvan
  • Portmerion Mug and Plate Set
  • Bladez Hop And Squeak
  • Worlds Apart GoGlow My First Torch
  • Alligator Travel Pillow
  • Tomy Doodle Bag

If you would like to enter the let me know who your little ones favourite Peppa Pig character is in the comments below. Good Luck!

*The winner will be announced on the 21st April at 8pm and upon announcing the winner will be given a week in which to claim their prize.

U.K. Entries only.


110 thoughts on “Peppa Pig’s My First Cinema Giveaway

  1. Violet is two and she absolutely loves Peppa, she has sparkly boots because Peppa wears them and will not take them off, we have to take them off when she is asleep. If she wakes in the night she wants to go downastairs and watch Peppa, she is addicted to Peppa!

  2. I’ve just asked my 3 younger ones (of 5) who they love and they all said Daddy Pig because he’s silly and does Oink Oink the loudest and their daddy is the best according to them just like Peppa and Georges !

    1. My little girl loves Grampy Rabbit – Brian Blessed voices him so I can see why, she just giggles every time he’s on. Second fav is George & his dinosaur but I think that’s because he’s the baby like her. 🙂

  3. Noah aged 2 loves Peppa pig – we took him to the first cinema experience over easter and he loved it

  4. My wee man loves baby Alexander and crystal like him at bedtime to try and wake the whole house 😂

  5. My daughter loves Peppa and Suzie, my favourite character is Simon Squirrel and my wife loves Freddie Fox

  6. Watched Peppa all day today with my little dude, he loves Pedro pony and daddy pig of course, he’s so funny! , every episode- ”daddy pig: ‘well I am a bit of an expert at it’ haha”

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