Planet Hollywood:A Whole New Meaning To Family Friendly

As my family grows so do my nerves when it comes to eating out.

I love nothing more than us all being round a table where I haven’t had to cook and talk over what we have all been up to, but the problem is the vision of serenity in my head is usually replaced by a chimpanzees tea party!

A few weeks ago we were in London and had a pit stop at Planet Hollywood.

It’s somewhere I’ve not visited since I was a teen and was eager to find out how they would fair with family dining.

The smiles started as soon as we got through the doors and they were coming from the children as well as the super friendly staff.

The boys were hugely excited to see a real life power ranger costume standing proud  in the entrance whist my eyes were drawn towards the yummy looking cocktails being prepared at the bar.

We were seated in a booth which is always a bonus for me as the children love them and it’s easy to keep them pend in.

Our lovely waitress took our drinks order and handed us the vast menu to mull over while the children got on with some colouring and drinking their very special squashes.

The menu really does offer such a huge variety from steaks to pizzas, pastas or noodles. What really stood out for me though was a complete section devoted to gluten free dishes.

Eating out with my husband and Frankie is a bit of a minefield and both the menu and staff here made us feel completely at ease and helped us order safe meals for them both.

Waiting for the food wasn’t a problem at all in Plant Hollywood as there was so much to take in.

We were actively encouraged to walk round the restaurant and take in all the memorabilia it had on show, there was a dj booth that you could send your music requests to and you could even get a message sent to the restaurants screens for the whole restaurant to see.

The children were gobsmaked that a message had been sent asking them now their morning at Peppa Pig had gone, and loved watching out for their faces to appear on screen as the camera spanned the restaurant and stopped on certain tables that really made them feel like a star.

The food arrived and I didn’t know what to try first. The boys had opted for the gluten free nachos whilst I went for the blackened shrimp and Darren choice the crispy calamari.

For many ordering nachos wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary, but for Frankie and his huge list of allergies this was a special moment for us all and his face lit up as soon as they hit the table.

My blacked shrimps were wonderfully succulent with just the right amount of seasoning and I didn’t want them to end.

If you are a follower of my blog you will know that my husband doesn’t deviate much from his favourites so calamari is always his first choice. 

He was more than impressed with the crisp batter that made way for the tender calamari beneath.

Next up came the mains where the boys chose burgers and chips from the children’s menu, I had the lemon chicken and Darren went for the sirloin steak.

The boys portion was the perfect size although they were still pretty full from the huge nachos.

My chicken was beautifully tender with a crispy coating that I smothered with a gorgeous sticky sauce that had a little sour kick to it.


My health contious husband swapped his fries for fresh green beans that complimented his juicy steak perfectly.

Almost fit to burst I couldn’t resist pudding.

The classic knickerbocker glory was brought over and I never thought I was going to get through it!


However my eyes weren’t bigger than my belly and I had no trouble polishing it off.

Our experience from start to finish was outstanding. The staff were friendly and attentive and engaged with the children thoroughly the whole meal and didn’t mind at all when Frankie covered the table with a drink within minutes of arriving.

I would challenge anyone to not find something to suit their tastes on the menu and if you want to change it up a little they are more than accommodating.

But I think it was the atmosphere that really won us all over. There was a buzz as soon as you put your foot over the threshold and this remainded the whole way through our visit.

Planet Hollywood awoke all our senses and was a feast for our eyes as well as our tummies.

*we were gifted this meal for the purpose of the review and they are all my own honest opinions.

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