Easter Egg Hunt For George And The Giant Pledge

This weekend there will be hundreds of of egg hunts going on be it something small in your own back garden or larger organised events.

This year we decided to go along to Limpsfield Chart in Surrey to join in with a hunt that has been organised by George And The Giant Pledge, a charity set up to raise funds for The Royal Marsden Hospital in aid of a very special little boy called George who is currently fighting a primitive neuro ectodermal tumour.

The hospital has been of great support to him and his family and I know through personal experience with my own Mother and Aunt the service they offer is invaluable to so many people.

We have visited the Ridland Lane National Trust area many times to seek out all of the little houses that have been lovingly  placed around the woods so I knew the children would love a visit to take part in an Easter activity.

The woods had been adorned with bunting and balloons and all the volunteers had really got into the spirit of things.


The hunt was £3 to take part in and it is being run on a first come, first served basis.

The children are given a map of the woods with a list of all the houses that they needed to find and stamp to say they had found each one.

They ran round at top speed filling in their sheets, hiding in dens, climbing trees and swinging on the huge swing.

Worn out and sheets completed we made our way back to claim our prizes and have their faces painted.

The hunt is running from 10-4 on the 16th and 17th April and as I said works on a first come first served basis.

If you are looking for a hunt this weekend I would highly recommend this fabulous hunt for a fantastic cause or if you would like to find out a little more about George And The Giant Pledge then take a look HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt For George And The Giant Pledge

  1. What a fab way to spend your Easter Egg hunt,it’s a great idea to hold one to raise money for such an important cause. The kids look like they had a fabulous time exploring the grounds hunting for all the clues, and stamps are always a great way to get kids to keep going through the pages. I love the fox facepaint, it’s so cute!

    Thanks for sharing on #CountryKids

  2. What a beautiful fun place and an egg hunt for a very worthy cause, great idea #countrykidsfun

  3. This is not that far from us but we’ve never explored it before, so will have to add it to the list. This sounds like a great cause, I think a charity egg hunt is a great idea. Love the fox face paint! # Countrykids

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