Movie Night With Toy Story

What memories does the year 1995 conjure up for you?

Well you may be surprised to know that it was the year both Yahoo and EBay hit the World Wide Web, the biggest hit of the year  was Unchained Melody by Robson and Jerome and amazingly the cult classic Toy Story graced the big screen.

Even as a stroppy teen the story of Andy and his much loved toys grabbed my heart and is a film that I will never tire of watching.

I have passed my love of these films down to my children and over the years the characters have filled our home time and time again.

At the moment it is Frankie and Oscar that are the biggest fans and we often drag our moth eaten Woody around from place to place…in fact that little cowboy has certainly had a fair share of adventures with us over the years.

It’s not only the films that get watched and toys that are played with. Oscar’s favourite shoes are his Buzz Lightyear Vans that have ‘Andy’ embleshed on the sole.

When we were asked by B&M Stores and Thinkway Toys to keep the love of Toy Story alive by having a movie night complete with cosy blankets, popcorn and retro sweets with Woody and Buzz as company I knew the boys would be over the moon.

Sadly our Buzz went to the toy hospital in the sky a while ago now and as I said Woody is looking a little worse for wear so we were very happy to get the chance to play with some new characters.

The boys sat chomping on their goodies transfixed to the original Toy Story just as if it was the first time they had watched it.

It was in fact 2010 since Toy Story 3 was released and with the upcoming release of the fourth movie in 2019 it is lovely to be able to reach for the DVD and keep the love for this movie going and the anticipation for the next one high!

If you love Toy Story as much as us then you can’t miss our Twitter party that is taking place on 27th June from 1-2.30pm where there will be plenty of Toy Story chat and the chance to win some B&M vouchers.

So put the date in your diary and I look forward to tweeting you soon.

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