No Sleep Even When The Children Do

I can’t put everyone into the same category here but out of all the people I have recently asked the answer has been ther same…after having children they are completely different sleepers.

I was asked recently by what kind of sleeper I am and to be honest when I had a good long thing about it as I’ve aged and had children my sleep patterns and the depth of sleep I have, havecertainly changed.

Pre children a rhino could have come bounding into my bedroom and I wouldn’t have battered an eyelid, I would frequently sleep through my noisy alarm and I could lay into until midday without all the hustle and bustle of the rest of thehouse  having any affect on me whatsoever.

I think along with a whole hosts of other changes having children gives you that need to be on guard 24/7 thus making sleep a lot lighter than it is pre children.

We always have to be on alert for that cry if they get distressed in the middle of the night, be there for them if they have a bad dream and all those nights of restlessness when they are ill forms completly different sleep patterns once you are a parent.

On the odd occasion that I am child free these patterns are still present and the slightest noise will have me wide awake within seconds.

I remember visiting a spa a few years ago with a full nights sleep being one of the biggest pulls of the trip, when in reality I still woke several times a night which I’m sure was just out of learnt behaviour that has built up over the years.

I often wonder if this will be a sleep pattern set for me for the rest of my life or as my children grow and responsibility becomes less will I naturally fall back into that wonderful restful deep sleep or will I be a twitchy restless sleeper forever more.

There are a few fun facts on sleep below and I would love to know if you have the same feeling as me towards sleep and children or do you still sleep like a log regardless.

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