Bringing Those Summer Brights Indoors

During the summer months my wardrobe changes considerably from a sea of black and green clothes to something far more colourful.
I swap thick black trousers for floaty floral skirts. Heavy parka style coats for lighter jackets in bold colours and even my shoes change from bulky black boots to metallic sandals they really show off all the beautiful bright prints.

Something that I have been thinking about recently though is the fact that my home doesn’t change from season to season and it really would be a welcome change to have a splash of colour to match the good weather…well when we get it!

My living room is full of throws and cosy soft furnishings in very muted tones such as grey and cream.

This in fact leaves me with a pretty blank canvas that I could add a few items to during he summer months to make it a more vibrant area.

Ceramic vases with beautiful blooms are a really inexpensive way to add a great colour splash that can be changed weekly to really keep a bit of variety going.

Cushions are another lovely addition that can also be added very cheaply and look great in a miss match of colours.

Esprit have some really vibrant colours at great prices and I have my eye on a few to adorn my sofa.

Tie backs on curtains can also add a more sutble amount of colour if you don’t want to go for a really full on look.

Do any of you add different accessories to change your home with the changing seasons? 

*collaborated post

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