I Am A Chessington World Of Adventures Ambassador 

Chessington World Of Adventures has been a part of my life since I was a young girl.

It was where I had my first experience of a theme park and I have fond memories of summer holiday trips there with my family and have loved watching it grow into the fabulous place it is today Thai I can now share with my own family.

I am over the moon to have been asked to be an ambassador for them this year and we are all super excited to share our adventures with you and let you know what it going on there throughout the year.

With a large family consisting of different ages Chessington World Of Adventure offer a place where I can keep them all happy from my thrill seeking teen to my animal loving toddler.

We plan our first trip over the next couple of weeks where we will be trying out the new Gruffalo ride for the first time and heading over to the woodland Discovery Centre to take part in all kinds of crafts and activities such as building a bug hotel and taking part in a butterfly count.

Keep an eye out for all the fun! 

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