Awesome Little Green Men:Review

My youngest two are huge lovers of anything to do with the forces. From police men to soilders  they are always having role play games together where they are catching robbers or battling it out in fields.

Any toys related to this are always a big hit so I had high hopes for the Awesome Little Green Men when we were asked to review them.

Awesome Little Green Men are blind boxed collectibles that have over 100 recruits and vehicles to collect in series one.

Each box comes with a figure, dog dog on a chain and and a new recruit poster.

There is also a battle pack that comes in a super cool truck shaped box and six figures that would make a perfect present to start off their collection.

The figures are more than just collectibles as the aim of the game is to build the best troop with General Pain and General Panic at the helm.

The figures to me are a new take on the traditional army figures of old and it makes a welcome change to have something different from the normal doll or animal theme.

With Christmas fast approaching these would make great stocking filling or a great little pocket money treat.

* We were gifted these toys for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinion.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Little Green Men:Review

  1. Anybody ever stop to think about matching the code on the bottom of the box which is the same on the plastic wrap around the character to the fact of which character is inside? That way people can get new or specific man without having to deal with duplicates. One specific code is 056-2472 and is private Romeo blue army close combat team.

      1. This is what I’ve got so far:

        056-2472 is 1-086 PRIVATE ROMEO
        056-8140 is 1-054 PRIVATE DOGFACE
        046-2582 is 1-096 CAPT. QUIVER
        076-2259 is 1-063 SGT. MAJOR WARHEAD

  2. Character code update:

    056-2472 : 1-086 PRIVATE ROMEO
    056-8140 : 1-054 PRIVATE DOGFACE
    046-2582 : 1-096 CAPT. QUIVER
    076-2259 : 1-063 SGT. MAJOR WARHEAD
    036-2647 : 1-001 PRIVATE INSURANCE
    086-2473 : 1-087 CORPORAL COMBAT

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