Saying Hello To Autumn At Priory Farm

A chill in the wind, beautiful rich colours, Halloween and cosy afternoons snuggled up under warm blankets are just a few of the reason I absolutely love October.

The weather hasn’t yet changed to the bitterness of winter and getting out into the great outdoors is a real pleasure.

The first adventure for us is always a trip to Priory Farm to select the perfect pumpkin for carving and eating if I ever get round to trying pumpkin pie…I have been promising the children this for the past goodness knows how long!

I have written about Priory Farm countless times as it has so much to offer from fantastic play areas to a brilliant discovery walk and they always go that extra mile for special occasions such as this.

Today we climbed aboard the truck that was decked out perfectly for Halloween with missing limbs, cobwebs and huge spiders.

The short journey lead us straight to the pumpkin field which the children couldn’t wait to get to and select their favourite pumpkin, which for the first year ever wasn’t a competition to see who’s was the biggest.

A good few laps of the field and more than a few pumpkins picked and rejected we finally had our favourites and headed back to the kiosk where there was a game of ‘roll the pumpkin’ and hoopla onto creepy arms to keep the children amused while we waited for our ride back.

Prized pumpkins in hand we climbed aboard and headed off to get a well earned piece of scrummy cake and a good coffee.

There is so much going on over the next few weeks at Priory Farm as well as the pumpkin picking and a visit come highly recommend from us!

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10 thoughts on “Saying Hello To Autumn At Priory Farm

  1. As you say it has stayed mild so far this autumn and when it’s not raining it is beautiful outdoors. Your photos are stunning and so full of autumn colour it makes me wish we had a pumpkin field near by. Do let me know how you get on with pumpkin pie, I try and serve up pumpkin in many guises for my kids and they hate it, except for the seeds toasted in salt and olive oil. Fingers crossed for lots more autumn days like this for enjoying the outdoors.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Thank you Fiona, we do love a pumpkin field.
      We tried pumpkin seeds last year and the kids loved them too.
      I’m not holding up much hope for the pumpkin pies either but fingers crossed it will go down well x

  2. brilliant photos, particularly like the one with the welly in. Your son looks very thoughtful in a lot of them. I like spicy pumpkin soup and make pumpkin cake with a carrot cake recipe. #countrykids

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