Anthony Gormley, Sea Shells And Bus Painting

Art, the sea and delectable food are one of life’s perfect combinations and for me Margate is a home to all of these.

In August the imposing cast iron sculpture from Anthony Gormley was erected on the chalk in front of the Turner Contemporary and I have been desperate to see it for myself for months.

It is one of one hundred sculptures from his ANOTHER TIME series and was as breathtaking as I imagined.

‘I wish to celebrate the still and silent nature of sculpture, ANOTHER TIME is necessarily isolated, and is an attempt to bear witness to what it is like to be alive and alone in space and time’

As I looked out to sea I thought of the words that Anthony Gormley had used to describe land work whilst listening to Oscar’s opinion on the piece.

What really stood out to me was the compassion he was showing for the man being alone. He looked on asking why he was standing alone and as we left kept looking back and worrying that he was being left alone and lonely.

It really was a sight to behold and something I’m really pleased to have shared with Oscar.

Sadly the Tuner Contemporary didn’t have a lot work on display as they were preparing to showcase the world of Tracey Emin…I think I need a trip back to see this.

We still managed to make use of the gallery though by grabbing a late breakfast and taking in the view form the beautifully light and airy cafe, and have a through the beautiful neon installation to the side of the gallery.

For the middle of October we were lucky enough to have picked a very mild day to visit and spent a good while chasing the waves, jumping over rock pools and collecting shells.

The foodie inside me was out in force and on our last visit we had passed The Bus Cafe along the sea front and I was determined to see what they had to offer on this visit.

Oscar was thrilled to climb onboard and take to the top deck to find a table.

The converted bus is run by a super friendly couple that were extremely friendly and very welcoming of little ones which is always a huge bonus for us.

The menu comprised of a selection of wraps and salads that you can mix and match to your own taste.

Fillings were plentiful and jammed packed with flavour.

Not only did Oscar enjoy the novelty of eating his lunch on a bus, he was also handed a special pen so they he could create his own masterpiece on the side of it.

He was more than about this happy to say the least!

The months of having this little one to myself during the day are passing by way to quickly and I have plans for plenty more days like this before I have to let him move onto his school life journey.

He is way more ready for this than I am!

9 thoughts on “Anthony Gormley, Sea Shells And Bus Painting

  1. That really is a statement and what a lovely compassionate boy Oscar is to worry about the man being alone. It sounds like you turned it into a lovely day together with all that sea air and delicious looking food. The bus looks a really fun idea and I love the idea of letting the children leave their mark on the side.

  2. quite right you are making the most of your time left before other things take over his life.
    Lunch on a bus sounds like a great novelty and I bet the views were great if it was a clear day. He seems to be in deep concentration on the bus. #countrykids

  3. What a lovely day! I love Anthony Gormley’s sculptures, wonderful that you were able to share this one with Oscar. Love the look of the cafe on the bus, and how cool that he was able to add his mark to the side of the bus 🙂 #countrykids

  4. Looks live you both enjoyed a lovely day of adventure. That statue in the water looked so lifelike. You are so right to appreciate how quickly the days of having your kiddo all to yourself fly by. My son is 11 and I truly miss all the special outings we used to share. #countrykids

  5. I had no idea the statue was there we will have to add this to our bucket list. I am loving the bus, I’m sure Monkey would like to eat there too and the pens are genius! #CountryKids

  6. I’ve seen the Anthony gormley artwork where it started and it’s certainly an interesting one. We had it with the tide coming in so they all disappeared before our eyes on a wet blustery afternoon… my son would like be to have lunch on a bus too!! #countrykids

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