Celebrating The Small Things:Week Ten

Running behind with this series once again – but hey ‘better late than never’.

It was a pretty big one for me work wise and was a little hard to really concentrate on the smaller things when there were so many exciting things taking place, so this is exactly where I will start.

Working With Kids: By this I don’t mean having to go out of the house everyday and leave the kids, I am in fact lucky enough to take my little ones along with me for a large part of the work I do and this saw Izzy taking to the ice with some of the stars from Disney On Ice and little Oscar get a special screening of the new Peter Rabbit movie.
They always say never work with kids and animals and although it can be pretty stressful at times I am very grateful to be able to do just this.

Loving My City: A lot of my work takes me into London on a weekly basis and normally involves me flitting from one place to the next and not really stopping to take it all in. After the Peter Rabbit screening I had a few hours with Oscar and we took this chance to wander around town taking it all in; from the beautiful architecture to the eclectic groups of people.
London has so much to offer and I really need to slow down and make the most of it when I get the chance.

Oscar Writing His Name: This is a proud moment, mixed in with a little Mum guilt too if I’m honest.
The more children I have obviously the more limited my time is to spend with each of the children and with the older ones having homework to complete I sadly devote a lot of learning time to them a poor little Oscar gets a little left out.
So the other day whist he was writing his Grandad’s birthday card with Izzy, she came in showing me how well he had done with writing his name without any help from her.
I was over the moon that he had done it and a little guilty that there had been little input from me! So its a big thank you again to his fantastic nursery and a big kick up the bum for me to set some time aside to work with him.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating The Small Things:Week Ten

    1. Thank you Susan. We really can’t wait to see the show and Peter Rabbit is certainly one to watch xx

  1. Don’t be guilty I only have 3 kids and never taught them to write their names.

    Yippee for getting some adventure time.

  2. What a lovely idea for a post Emma, I might join in with you if I can remember to find the time. I know what you mean about needing to slow down sometimes. Funnily enough for me when I started blogging and going to London so much with the kids I would always walk everywhere instead of using the tube because it was too much hassle with the pram. I came to love those walks across the City because I saw so much more instead of just hitting the highlights.

    Well done to Oscar, that’s brilliant xx

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