Needing To Feel Needed

This week bought the day I had been dreading for so long and to most of you this may seem extreme, but after a long twenty one years of having a little ones at home with me this era of my life has almost come to an end.

I have spent hours upon hours craving a few hours on my own to grab a child free coffee and now the silence is strange, I have moaned so many times about my mornings being filled with hectic and noisy soft play visits and luke warm coffee being drunk at toddler groups which I’m now finding myself longing for.

My work over the past few years has been crammed into a few small hours during the day and leaving me having to put in hours way later into the evening that I liked. My new found freedom should be a blessing to finally get back to a proper working day but instead I’m craving the sound of Cbeebies in the background and requests for snacks every few minutes and I think this is where I really finding it hard… I’m no longer needed!

The care of my last little bundle has been handed over to someone else who as I know to well will become their font of knowledge, his independence will grow even greater and all those things that I have moaned about and tired of over the years such as wiping noses and buttoning shirts will soon be a thing of the past and in a strange way I’m really going to miss all of this.

Of course I know that nothing lasts forever and I want and encourage my children to be confident, strong willed and independent but this doesn’t help me feeling a little more redundant with each new step they reach. The person that I have been for over two decades is slowing changing and I am not sure I’m ready for that.

My job as a Mother is ever changing and evolving and I should be embracing this new chapter in both our lives rather than seeing it as something negative I should look at all the positives its brings and I’m sure that a few months in I will be reading this back and wondering what the hell I was getting so emotional over. But for now I’m going to make the most of these last few child filled afternoons and try and embrace the change it will bring for us both.

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6 thoughts on “Needing To Feel Needed

  1. Oh lovely I feel completely the same. My youngest just had her first week and shes off now while the other half of her year settle in so we have two weeks together now. I’ve always known I’d hate it, I’ve always hated people saying I’d get my life back (they are my life!) And I’ve always hated being asked ”’ooh what will you do with all that time) when I know full well I’ll spend a good chunk of it sobbing and regretting every time I ever shouted wished for space or silence or moaned about their mess. I only have two so I can’t even imagine how much harder this is for you! Sending massive hugs xx

    1. Oh Laura I’m sending hugs your way too!
      I don’t think it matters how many children you have it’s still so heart wrenching and you are so right, my kids are my life to and it’s pretty crap when the week is full of them being at school xxx

  2. I feel like part of me is missing. I have felt relieved that Chloé is happy to go and be independent but it will take time to adjust to this next chapter. I feel sad at the moment so understand exactly what you are feeling. We will get through it! 😘

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