Celebrating The Small Things Week Forty Five

I can’t believe there are only going to be a few more entries into this series of ‘celebrating the small things’ for this year.

It’s certainly something I’ve struggled to keep up with due to my unorganised nature but I know it’s something I’m going to love sitting and look back over for a long time to come.

This week it sees me talking about online friends, allergy free ice cream and Nativity Rocks.

Online Friends – When I first started blogging I found the whole concept of chatting to people I had never met before a little strange. Over the years this has completely changed and I have found some firm friends through the power of the internet.

I was so grateful for these relationships and especially so the other night when I attended the ASDA Christmas party.

I walked into a room of strangers and unusually felt a little intimidated by the situation until I saw a familiar face who was Shell from Shell And The Littlies who was warm and inviting and those little online encounters we had had before lead to a fantastic night!

Allergy Free Ice Cream – Frankie’s allergies have been part of his life for the past six years and to be honest he it pretty good at taking it all in his stride, but as a mother it kicks me in the stomach every time the others are free to chose delicious treats that he just isn’t allowed.

So when we took a trip to Yorica the other day my heart literally melted when he looked up at me and exclaimed “what, I can have anything!”. It may seem a small thing to many but for me this was a fantastic moment.

Nativity Rocks – I love Christmas more than the kids and Christmas movies are a huge part of gearing up to the big day for me.

So being able to go along to the preview of the new Nativity film – Nativity Rocks the other day I was absolutely over the moon! I will be talking you all about it tomorrow.

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