Twelve Days Of Christmas With Elvis The Elf

[AD] Elf On Shelf has taken homes by storm over the past few years and although this cute little fellow may be a bit like Marmite, over 14 million elves have settled in people’s home all over the world.

The children get such excitement to find out each morning what their elf has been up to and it’s the task of the parents to think up something different and exciting each day.

This year has been one like no other and I think it’s even more important than ever to bring a little magic into our homes…as we are set to be spending a lot of time in them this year; and this is where Elvis the Elf has come to the rescue with some slightly more interactive setups to the norm.

Traditionally things like the elf wrapping the tree in paper or stealing the Christmas chocolates are used, and although this is all super fun it’s a little short lived after the initial surprise. So this is why with the help of Design who are the masters of paper cutting templates – I have twelve days worth of set ups to share with you that allow the children to get really hands on with all the tasks Elvis has set them.

Thirty one days to fill can be a little daunting so as we know every cloud has a silver lining and due to the pandemic it means the sneaky little elf has had to quarantine for two weeks, giving him a whole fourteen days inside his little jar!

Day One:Get Cooking It would be Christmas without some baking so day one sees Elvis with a baking kit for the children and some little flour elf footprints leading the way there.

Baking kit

Footprint stencil

• Sprinkle of flour

The set up for this is simple. Just leave all the baking ingredients with Elvis and use the stencil and a sprinkling of flour to make the footprints.

Day Two:Kitting Him Out Mask wearing is the norm now and Elvis isn’t exempt from this. Day two sees Elvis sporting his Christmassy face mask with all the materials he you need to make him a new outfit to match.

• Mini Face Mask

• Fabric Squares

• PVA Glue

• String

This set up couldn’t be simpler. Find somewhere to place Elvis with his mask on and then leave the fabric, glue and string next to him so you are all good to go with your creations.

Day Three:Colouring In – This is such a busy time of year so something to keep the kids busy is always welcome. So Elvis has left the kids some colouring sheets to keep them busy.

Colouring Sheets

• Pack Of Pens

This one couldn’t be easier to do. Print a few Christmas colouring sheets off and leave them with Elvis and a pack of pens. maybe Elvis can even get things started!

Day Four:Mr Postman – Who doesn’t love receiving Christmas cards! Elvis has kindly brought a card for all the family and left all the materials you need to make your very own card for someone special.

Mini Card

• Card Paper and Envelope

• Card Decorations

• Pens

Set Elvis up with his mini card on his lap and everything you need for your own card next to him.

Day Five:Handmade Decorations – Decorations with a little thought behind them are something I really love and Elvis leaving everything you need to make your own decorations and one he has made himself is a lovely touch.

• Handmade Bauble

• Clear Fillable Bauble

• Fake Snow

• Bauble Filler

• Stickers

If your tree is up then that would be the perfect place to put Elvis with the decoration he has gifted and all the pieces to make your own.

Day Six:Scavenger Hunt Lockdown has sent us all a little stir crazy and with super excited, hyper active kids it’s good to get them out in the fresh air to get some exercise and burn off some energy; and this is why Elvis’s scavenger hunt is such a good idea.

A printed scavenger hunt

Leave the scavenger hunt alongside Elvis and just get ready to have some fun!

Day Seven:Naughty Or Nice – As the excitement builds things can get a little frayed so Elvis leaving a letter to Santa to check if the children think they have been good this year is perfect!

Printed letter to Santa

• Christmas pen

This is another super easy one and Elvis can be left just about anywhere with his letter and pen.

Day Eight:Window Display – With lots of people still out and about getting their daily exercise Elvis has decided to cheer up all the passers by with some window decorations and all the things you need to add your own.

• Scandi House Window Stencils

• Blue-tac

• Patterned paper

Simply fill your window with the pretty stickers and wait for the children to come and put their own spin on it!

Day Nine:Gifts Are For Giving – Teaching children the importance of giving is so important and this is why Elvis has left a little box of chocolates to pass into somebody else.

Leave Elvis all set and ready with his chocolates to give to someone they love.

Day 10:An Act Of Kindness – Keeping

With the theme of thinking of others Elvis has left a list of acts of kindness that the children can then carry out, such a writhing a letter to someone or donating food to a local food bank.

• Act of kindness sheet

• Something to do with one of the tasks they may carry out

This one can be set up with the sheet along or with something to do with one of the tasks. I have gone with tins we can take to the food bank.

Day Eleven:Setting The Table – With the big day just around the corner Elvis is thinking about this place at the dinner table and has come with a place name and a milk bottle ready to leave for Santa, plus some card and a pen for the kids to write out place names for everyone else!

Leave Elvis all ready with his place name, bottle and plenty of card for the children to get creative.

Day Twelve:Get Wrapping – The final bits of prep are underway and Elvis is all prepared with his wrapping and bowl of popcorn to watch a movie at the same time.

• Small confectionary pot

• Bag of popcorn

• Sheet of wrapping paper

• Christmas gift tag

• Washi Tape

Pop Elvis in front of a Christmas movie with all you need for wrapping presents and fill Elvis’s popcorn pot up, saving the rest for the kids…and you!

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