Mummy Treats On A Budget

A wrote a post a while ago on getting my mojo back and over the past few months it has disappeared again and I’m in the search for it again!

Since the beginning of the new year I have got my healthy eating and exercise back on track so next in the agenda is a bit of self care and an overhaul of my wardrobe.

With five children money for luxuries such as getting my hair and done is usually reserved for special occasions and so unfortunately with a serious lack of nights out my hair has not seen a hairdressers for a very long time!

I recently saw a post on Facebook advertising for hair models at Toni and Guy in Reigate and with a colour and blow dry for only £15 I thought it was worth a try.  My usual trip to the hairdressers would cost in excess of £80 so this is a huge saving. 

I took my frazzled grey hair along and was greeted by a lovely young lady that sat me down, asked exactly what I was after and set to work on my hair. Everything that she did was overlooked by her tutor although she was more than capable and you would never tell that she had just started out in her hairdressing journey.

The trip was nothing different to any other salon experience other than it being a fraction of the cost!

With a lovely new hair do I made my way home to have a sort out of my wardrobe.  I pulled out all of the things that I’ve not worn for over two years and put them straight into a box for eBay.  I have decided that instead of going out and spending a fortune on new clothes I am going to get some new accessories to jazz up my old outfits.

A colourful scarf or glitzy necklace can make something you’ve had for years feel brand new and can cost next to nothing.  I find ASOS fantastic for affordable accessories.  Last year I picked up a scarf, set of bangles and  great multi strand necklace for less than £10.

Im also going to pluck up the courage and start to wear some hats that I’ve not had the guts to wear before!  

What do you do to give yourself a treat that doesn’t cost the earth?

Getting Over My Waxing Fear With Veet


I’ve managed to get to the ripe old age of thirty five having never waxed my legs!  I’ve always listened to the horror stories about the excruciating pain and been completly put off.

Over the past few years though my usual method of shaving has left me with a few painful in growing hairs, so when Veet asked me to try out their new Easy Wax Roll On Kit I was more than happy to bite the bullet and give it a try.

When I think of waxing I have images of big messy pots of gooey wax and wooden spatulas.  This however is simply a handheld device that you slip the wax roll on refill into, plug into the mains and leave to heat for around 20/30 mins.  Once the wax is warmed you roll the wax in the direction of your hair growth, apply the removal strip to your skin, rub several times and pull away.  Once all of the hair is removed there are wipes supplied to get rid of any residue that is left.

To my suprise the pain was not nearly as horrific as I was imagining and a much smoother finish was produced compared to my usual razor shave.

As I have quite thick, dark hair I have to shave every other day but with waxing using the Veet applicator I now only have to do it every four weeks.  

I’m so glad that Veet has bought this great product to my attention as it has given me a much better appearance that I can get once a month rather than faffing around every other day.
I was gifted this product by Veet and all they are all my own honest opinions.

Wicked Wednesday’s:Decorating With Mascara

Well it is just my luck, number four has turned a corner and has massively calmed down for number five who was my angelic baby to take his place!

Whist getting ready for the nursery run he desires to paint my bedroom door with mascara!!  I’m just grateful I’m more of a Rimmel girl than Channel.

Looking After My Dancing Feet With Scholl

A night out in this house is now a rarity  and donning a pair of high heels is something I’m a little out of practice with.

When Scholl asked me to try out some of their products I was more than happy to see if they could help me get my unloved feet party ready.

First up I need to tackle the dry skin on my feet.  Gone are the days off monthly pedicures so if there is a product I could use at home it would be fantastic.

I got number three to help me out with this job and got her to set up a mini foot spa where she massaged the cream into my feet concentrating on the really dry areas.

My feet felt instantly softer and we’re still silky soft the next day.  

Next up were the Scholl party feet invisible gel cushions.  I have seen these before but was always skeptical about how invisible they would actually be.


With open toe, strappy shoes as my choice of footwear I needed something that was going to help me get through an evening out without any pain and without exposing my secret by the pads slipping out and showing.


They worked perfectly and got me though my evening completely pain free!

The added bonus is that they can simply be washed and packed away in the pouch provided until the next time you need them.  In my case they maybe in the drawer for a while!

The last product I was sent was not really any use to me but was perfect for my near teenage son.  The Scholl fresh step foot spray is like a deodorant for your feet.  

After a long day out taking part in lots of sports my son always comes in and is banished to the bathroom to get rid of his smelly feet before he stinks out the entire house!

I asked him to give this a go before putting on his shoes and socks and it has really helped.  He no longer has the embarasment of smelly feet and we don’t have to put up with the smell!
I was gifted all of the products by Scholl for the purpose of this review and they are all my own honest opinion.

Mum And Daughter Treat At Hello Gorgeous



A couple of weeks back we were invited to a fantastic event at Centrale Croydon.  One of our gifts was a Mother And Daughter manicure at Hello Gorgeous.  

Number three has been nagging at me to get it booked, so with my husband around to have the little ones I book in our special treat.

On arriving we were greeted with a beaming smile and the offer of a drink while we waited.  Number three was more than impressed that her squash was presented in a wine glass, making her feel like a real princess.


We made our way over to the monochrome beauty area where we were seated by our two super friendly beauticians that helped us to chose our perfect nail colour whist having a gossip.


We had a great couple of hours of time just to ourselves which is a rarity when you have five children.  We were made to feel really at home and will defiantly be coming back.


Hello Georgous is primarily a photo studio that offers great packages that include hair and make up to give you that extra special touch.

Number four is already planning a Birthday party there with a few of her friends! 

I was gifted a voucher from Hello Gorgeous and all opinions are my own.