A Magically Messy Afternoon With Persil And Beauty And The Beast

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks you couldn’t have missed all the hype that has been surrounding the release of the new Disney film ‘Beauty And The Beast’.

A true Disney classic that in my mind would be hard to be recreated; so when we were asked along by Persil to a screening at The Mondrian Hotel on Southbank I have to say I was certainly more excited than Izzy…well just, to see how it would be played.

Upon arriving we were welcomed into a dimly lit room that just shouted “be our guest” at me with a table filled with beautiful gold candelabras and deep red roses.

It was definitely a table fit for a room full of little princes and princesses.

Lots of hungry tummies were filled with plates of scrumptious food and with a little bit of room left they got the chance to get creative and decorate their very own cupcakes.

As you can imagine after all that fun there were more than a few sticky fingers and faces around which if your children are anything like mine tend to get wiped on the nearest object, which is usually a cuff or more often than not my trousers!

This is where my good friend Persil comes to the rescue, and believe me I have put their washing products to the test over the years.

Persil have collaborated with Disney for the release of Beauty And The Beast and are giving away a £5 Disney Store voucher with every purchase of 22 and 38 wash Persil capsules.

This in turns means happy parents and happy children!


Full to the brim and eagar to get into the cinema we all took to our seats and were in for a very special screening indeed.

Izzy face lit up the minute Emma Watson took to the screen and I was immediately drawn into the familiar songs and spectacular cinematography. 

However it was not your run of the mill cinema viewing as at pivotal points during the film the cinema came alive with bursts of confetti, feathers and much more cascading over the audience to make it a truly interactive experience.

I left the hotel with a tear in my eye, snow in my hair and a head full of memories that Izzy and I will never forget.

The Teletubbies Turn 20!

It must have been around this time of year twenty years ago when I was going in elbows first to get my hands on the sell out Teletubbies soft toy at my local Woolworths store for my newborn, that had absolutely no idea when an impact these four cute and cuddly characters were having on a nation of preschoolers.

It’s hard to believe that they have graced our screen for such a long time and although they have had a few changes over the years they have kept the ability to capture the hearts of over a billion children spanning over a hundred countries.

All of my children have fallen for their charms and you can imagine the delight on my youngest ones faces when I told them we were going along to celebrate their twentieth birthday and take a sneak peek at the new series that is set to hit our screens on the 13th March, with a special birthday show on the 31st March.

I arrived at The Riverfront on The Southbank on the Sunday morning with two super excited boys just itching to meet their favourites!

Before the screening we were treated to a yummy brunch whist the children ran wild in the soft play area, created masterpieces, got their faces painted and watched in awe as a magician covered children in a humongous bubble.

Teletubbies Teletubbies The Riverfront, Southbank   

Sufficiently full and a little worn out we headed to the cinema where a hub of excited children were donning their party hats in anticipation of the arrival of the ‘real’ Teletubbies!

Teletubbies Teletubbies  

Chris from Cebebbies took to the stage to introduce the larger than I expected characters and there were gasps and cheers from the entire crowd.

After joining in with the new ‘Big Hugs’ song that includes a lot of bottom bumping…a big hit with my potty minded children the Teletubbies left the stage for a rest and we were treated to a viewing of the new series.

David Walliams and Rohelle Humes have been addded to the already star studded cast and it’s not just the voiceovers that have had new additions.

The Teletubbies have been treated to a brand new play area called the Hidey Hub that homes the Tubby Bounce, Tubby Slidey, Tubby Uppy Downy and Tubby Spinny.

It’s a great new area that was a big hit with my two, especially the Tubby Slidey which is a seemingly never ending slide…what child wouldn’t love that!

The changes don’t stop there as we can also welcome the Tubby Car that sees them all driving around in their super sweet car that cleverly has a steering wheel for each of them.

The Tiddly Tubbies also play a big part in the new series and I have to say I love them as much as the children do.

Unbelievable a cinema packed with under five’s was left in silence.

This is a hard audience to crack and the Teletubbies did it with no problem at all which just goes to show that the magic that was created with them twenty years ago is a winning combination and is a real testament to the writers they Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po are still going strong today.

I would love for you to tune in on Monday 13th and let me know what you think.


Peppa Pig Is Coming Back To The Big Screen

Peppa Pig fans are in for a big treat this Easter as all of our favourite characters are set to hit the big screen again this year with ‘Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience’.

This great new interactive cinematic experience will see Peppa and her friends take a trip to London to take in all the famous sights while the audience can join in with familiar nursery rhymes such as wheels on the bus and row, row your boat.

Next up they jet set across the world to meet up with their old friend Kylie Kangaroo.

The show compromises of nine episodes linked together to create the perfect show for preschoolers.

With all the colourful images, catchy songs and of course plenty of muddy puddles this show will make for the perfect half term treat.

Take a look at the trailer below for a taster of what’s to come!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Screening

Sometimes you can open a book and immediately get lost in it; It can capture your imagination with every word and you can become completely immersed in the whole story.
This is what ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ by the fabulous author Michael Rosen has done for each and every one of my children…well I should include myself too really!

I’m sure there are not many parents out there they haven’t squelched and squirched though the mud at bed time or wadded through the swishy swashy grass whist keeping a little one occupied in the doctors waiting room.

This book has truly been a saviour to me on many occasions, and over my nineteen years of parenting this is a book I have never tired of.

When we were asked along to the screening in Leicester Square of this timeless classic that is due to hit our screens on Christmas Eve I’m not sure if it was the children or me who were more excited!

The animation that has been produced by the masterminds behind the Snowman and The Snowdog started and within the first few minutes I knew I was going to be hooked.

The siblings are left at home by their parents under the supervision of their eldest brother, and after getting a little restless set out on a walk to try and discover a grizzly bear, encountering all the familiar obsticals along the way.

There is the same hurried journey back home, but this time little Rosie forms a bond with the friendly bear and finds it hard to say goodbye.

To turn this short story into a thirty minute long adaptation the story has or course been added to a little but has in no way detracted to much from the original story.

With the enchanting storyline, magnificent illustrations and fabulous music dare I say this could be set to become a festive favourite and even knock The Snowman off of its pole position for me!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt will be showing on channel 4 at 7.30 on Christmas Eve and repeated again on Christmas Day at 5.25pm

Movies In A Lost World:The Backyard Cinema

If I said to you I had taken the children to a cinema in the middle of a jungle you would probably think I had lost my mind a little, but that is exactly what we did last weekend.

Walking through South London being surrounded by office blocks and high rises I was a little unsure of what to expect when we reached the Backyard Cinema.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when we came across The Lost World nestled in the middle of a cool and quirky food market offering fabulous street food and drink in a super laid back funky area.

Our jungle experience started the minute we collected our tickets from the super friendly ushers dressed head to toes in safari outfits that really helped us to get into character.

Entering was a huge source of excitement for the kids(and me!) as we crawled through a tiny entrance into a dark and eery jungle with animal noises coming from all directions.

Just taking this in we were beckoned to enter the cinema by jumping onto the rope swing and landing in a big foam pit!

With three hyper kids in hand we were taken to our seats – or I should say bean bags where we all soon nestled down and snuggled up with our blankets while number three went to get some snacks from the bar serving your usual popcorn and sweets plus some pretty tasty looking cocktails.

The film started and I was so pleased that the children had got to watch the classic Disney film The Lion King in these spectacular surroundings; even if number four did get a little confused and asked where the boy in pants was!  Clearly the whole jungle theme had really drawn him in!

As expected my fidget of a two year old didn’t last the whole film and we had many ‘unneeded’ trips to the toliet and every other imaginable excuse but the staff went out of their way to help and nothing was to much trouble.

I am a notorious cinema hater and this has completely converted me.  It was so much more than just a cinema screening.  It was a magnificent experience for your senses and a feast for our imaginations.

They have some real classics running until the beginning of November and if you get the chance to go then take it as it really is a trip to remember.
*we were given tickets for the purpose of this review and they are all my own honest opinions.

Experience A Cinema Like No Other:Backyard Cinema

Pulling up into a shopping complex, picking up your cartons of popcorn and settling down into the hard seats to watch your film.

Does this sound like your normal trip to the cinema? 

It does mine and that is exactly why I avoid going, much to the annoyance of my family.

Thankfully Backyard Cinema have turned tradition on its head and have bought a whole new cinematic experience to London.

You make your entrance through the lost jungle whilst stumbling through the temple ruin to arrive in the extra special cinema area full of bean bags that you can relax on whist sipping a cocktail and munching on your popcorn!

Over the next few months they are showing some real classics such as The Goonies, Hook, Lion King and many more!

Below is a trailer to help you set the scene and keep an eye out for our review they will be up after our visit in a few weeks! 

A Trip Down Memory Lane


For me my school years were fine, but not something I would say that I would love to relive.  My husband on the other hand has massively fond memories of this time in his life and had hundreds of stories that he loves to share with us, we’ll some are not appropriate for the children’s ears!!

We don’t live far from his old school but don’t very often take the children for a visit.  Today the sun was shining and the kids wanted to have a run around so we took the short trip to Oxted, my husband’s old stomping ground.

Oxted is still a very traditional town and the majority of shops still close on a Sunday which makes for a lovely peaceful stroll along the High Street.  We had a pit stop for a coffee and were plesently suprised that there was a special bus service on so we got a fantastic opportunity to see some beautiful old buses.


After our bus spotting we walked through the underpass that is covered in a very pretty mosaic, and out past the Tudor style cinema that my husband has probably had many a date in that I really don’t need to know about!!


Our final port of call was the park for a run around the playground and an ice cream in the sun.


A lovely afternoon of reminiscing and story telling.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday.