My Captured Moment:How Time Flies


I know it’s a cliche but the saying “doesn’t time fly” really is spot on.

I was reminiscing by looking through old photos the other day and came across one of my favourites of number two.

I remember it being a boiling hot day at a local fete and he was adamant that he was going to wear his full Peter Pan regalia.

I’m so glad that I have these captured moments to look back in fondly. 


#My Captured Moment:Penshurst Place

  Half term has been and gone and we all had a fantastic week.  One of my favourite trips out of the week was a visit to the fabulous Penshurst Place in Tonbridge. There were so many moments to capture that I simply couldn’t pick just one; so I apologise for the photo spam!! #mycapturedmoment                           

My Captured Moment #2


My eldest son is approaching his teens at a rapid rate and to be honest any photo of him these days is a captured moment.

He has reached the age where my shear presence is embarrassing so getting near him to take a photo is a rare opportunity. 

Over the past few years he has developed a feel passion for scooting, and the scooter comes everywhere with us so he can practice his tricks and hon his skills.

I got this captured moment on our recent trip to Whistable.  He loved all the open space and different terrains he could use, and I loved watching how much pleasure he got.

          Running in Lavender

My Captured Moment #1

I thought I would start of my first captured moment link up by adding one of my favourite photos from my wedding day.

This was taken just before we left for the ceremony and although my wedding preparation included changing dirty nappies and slapping on exzema cream instead of a relaxed champagne breakfast I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It was great that four of my five fantastic children got to share our big day with us.
         Running in Lavender