Should I Have Stepped In Or Was I Right To Turn A Blind Eye

A trip into town yesterday and what should have been an enjoyable lunch with two of my children will now always be etched on my mind as something completly different.

We had settled down to a lovely meal after attending an event yesterday. It was actually the best meal out that we have had in a long time as both the children had sat perfectly which is a rarity!

Sadly though just as we were finishing up our deserts a huge cloud came over the afternoon after what I witnessed at the table in front of us.

The table had infact caught my eye earlier on as I had seen a young couple with a baby of about a year old sitting enjoying their meal and I was astounded at how well behaved he was. Sitting quietly on a bench not making a murmur which is a far cry from what any of mine would have been like at that age!

Then all of a sudden there was a huge commotion, the baby had grabbed a glass that had hit the floor! The parents were screaming and staff came running over.

The manger quickly tried to calm the situation, but the father was furrious and was shouting at the mother.

Then the father proceeded to shout and hit the baby! I looked in astonished at first and couldn’t believe that he clearly found it acceptable to lay his hands on a child, let alone a baby who was barely a year old and had accidentally knocked a glass to the floor.

All went quiet but I couldn’t take my eyes off of their table. He then proceeded to strike him twice again whilst paying for his meal, all the tables that were a lot closer to me and the waiter who was taking his money were all witnessing this and nothing was being said.

By this point the mother was collecting together their belonging and my blood was boiling. 

He then picked the child up, shook him twice and grabbed at his face.

At this point I rose from my chair and made my way over to confront him. I then looked back at the worry on my own children’s faces and stopped myself.

In the past I have felt the need to put myself in other people’s situations that have made me feel uncomfortable and my husband had warned me that one day I would come unstuck.

This thought stopped me for the sake of my own children as I could have been putting them in danger by confronting a man like this.

A man that happily struck, shook and grab his tiny, precious baby in a packed restaurant without looking round once. Clearly so happy that his actions were justified and this is what worried me even more. 

Through this whole ordeal the baby didn’t make a noise, not one wimper and not one tear was shed and it is now killing me inside to think what this poor child must suffer at home if this monster thinks they kind of violence is acceptable in such a public place.

I will forever regret not going with my gut and confronting this man, but then if I had in reality what would have been done?

The police probably wouldn’t have deemed it as an offence and it happened in such a short frame of time I dont think this would have been an option anyway.

Would I have just caused unnecessary upset for my own children and put us in a dangerous situation?

All I do know is that my gut is now churning from what I saw and if a situation ever arises like this again I won’t be taking the British approach and turning a blind eye as my heart and conscience couldn’t take it! 

My Top Five Reasons To Visit Camp Bestival

You are probably all sick by now of me singing the praises of Camp Bestival but  with the headliner for Sunday has just been announced which looks like one not to be missed I just wanted to give you my top five reasons why we love it so much and why it is the perfect environment for you’re children!

  • Gaining New Experiences Camp Bestival is a the perfect place to experience a whole host of new and exciting experiences. Be it the first time the family has experienced live music (this years line up is below), new culinary delights to sample are in abundance, camping could be a first for you and what better place to try it out and finally a whole host of activities that are their for the children to enjoy and maybe find a love for.
  • Getting Outdoors With a sad decline in outdoor play this is there best place to spend an entire weekend in the open air and just realise what a wonderful place it is to be and hopefully take that love back home and make the most of the fresh air on a regular basis.
  • Learning New Skills There are lots of activities they allow the children to learn new skills in a fun and engaging way. I know that the circus skills last year were a huge hit with my teen and he didn’t put his Diablo down for the rest of the summer! The whole camping experience itself also meant that we had to find a whole new load of skill sets ourselves as well as the children.
  • Meeting New People This was something I didn’t think to much about before or stay last year but was one of the things I loved about our stay. We all lead such busy lives which can all be a little insular at times. The freedom of this festival allowed us to relax a lot more and left us open to engaging with people and letting the kids run free and make new friends which is something we wouldn’t do so much at home.
  • Making Memories For me this was the by far the most prolific part of our trip. I felt that we really bonded as a family and reconnected with our teen which I never thought would happen! We have created memories to last a lifetime and will have nothing but happy memories and funny stories to think back fondly of in years to come.

If this has got you thinking about taking a trip yourself then take a look ‘here’ for tickets to this years festival.


    Sunday Night Games With Yeti In My Spaghetti 

    Every year it gets to Christmas, all the board games come out, we have a fantastic time playing with them together as a family and they are then packed away again not to be seen for another year.

    This year however I made a pact with myself that we would dedicate one night a week to all get together as a family and take a few hours to connect through the fun of board games.

    We are so preoccupied with ourselves all week and get lost to the world of social media most evenings that I felt it really important to have some screen free time and just concentrate on each other.

    Sadly I think the days of relaxing Sunday afternoons filled with roast dinners and quality family time are dwindling due to the fast pace of today’s world and it is something I would like to try to keep hold of in our family.

    The only problem we have is our family spans such a large age group that it can be tricky to find something that everyone has fun playing and is going to keep everyone engaged.

    University Games kindly sent us a game called Yeti In My Spaghetti that seemed a perfect way to kick off our games evening.

    This game is aimed at over 4’s and is for two or more players. We had over eight of us all ready to get involved.

    The game is set up really quickly by laying the strands of spaghetti over the top of the bowl and then balancing the yeti on top.

    We then took it in turns to try and remove the stands of spaghetti one at a time without letting the yeti fall into the bowl.

    It was such a simple game but kept the whole family entertained, even down to number five who has only just turned three.

    The only issue we had was the youngest two got a little excited when the yeti fell and decided that that the person to make it fall the quickest was a much better way to play!

    This was a real all rounder that would be great to play as a family or so easy to follow that it could be set up and played by the little ones on their own.

    * we were given this game for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions.

    What If You Couldn’t Afford To Feed Your Baby

    All any mother wants is the guarantee that when her precious little bundle arrives she will be able to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

    We all go out of our way to give our babies the best start in life that we possibly can…but what if this taken out of our hands and problems arise.

    When I had number four as many of you will know we had a really tough journey after his was diagnosed with multiple food allergies.

    I had never really considered what a huge impact this would have on us and it took months of hospital visits and teams of wonderful staff that managed to get this issues under control so that we could go be safe I the knowledge that we could bring up our son so that he would grow and nourish like any other child.

    I was lucky enough to manage to breastfed for two years by excluding all allergiens from my diet, but as he got older his diet was so limited that he struggled with weight gain and up until the age of four he was prescribed a formula milk that was suitable for him.

    Along with this and up to the present time we also get safe bread and pasta for him that have been a huge help as they are so costly to buy and the bread alone that is only available online at the cost on nearly £5 for one small loaf.

    Sadly I have just heard that the Clinical Commissioning Group for the borough of Croydon are now going to stop providing infant formulas and gluten free products on prescription.

    Can you imagine having a newborn baby that needs feeding and having to find the money to pay sometimes as much as £45 for one small tin of formula.

    With an average of two tins being used per week I would struggle to find many families that would be able to find upwards of £360 a month to feed one baby, infact this amount would probably equate to what most families would spend on a food shop for their entire family.

    I fully understand that the NHS is under extreme pressure and cuts and changes need to be made so that this fantastic service can be kept for us, but taking food from the mouths of babes is a step to far and will have serious implications for so many families in this borough.

    If this affects you in any way or you feel this is unjust then please feel free to sign this petition ‘here’.

    Quorn Chilli Dogs

    Hot dogs are always something that most children will eat and are so quick and easy to prepare.

    I decided using a couple of great Quorn products to create a vegetarian chilli dog that allows you to sneak a few veggies into one of their favourite foods.
    Quorn Chilli Dogs

    Serves 4

    • Pack Quorn sausages
    • Pack Quorn mince
    • 4 brioche hotdog buns
    • 1 chopped red onion
    • 3 chopped cloves of garlic
    • 400g tin tomatoes
    • 400g tin kidney beans
    • 1 chopped red pepper
    • 1 vegetable stock cube
    • 300ml water
    • 1 tsp paprika
    • 1 tsp chilli powder
    • 1 tsp dried oregano
    • 1 tsp cumin
    • 1 tsp coriander
    • 2 tbsps tomato purée
    1. Pre heat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6 and then begin to fry the onion and garlic in a large saucepan with a little olive oil for a few minutes until softened.
    2. Next add the red pepper and fry for a further couple of mins.
    3. Add to this the spices and and allow to release the flavours for a few minutes.
    4. Add the Quorn mince, tomatoes, tomato purée, kidney beans, stock cube, water and oregano and allow to simmer for 20 mins.
    5. Whist the chilli is cooking place the Quorn sausages into the oven for 15 mins.
    6. Once the sausages are cooked remove from the oven and place inside the brioche buns and top with the chilli.
    7. Serve with a portion of skinny fries and a mini corn on the cob.

    Goals And Aspirations For 2017

    A New Year is a chance for a fresh start, a blank page, a time for infinite opportunities.

    A lot of people aren’t fond of the idea of New Years resolutions, but for me it gives me focus and something to work towards. If I don’t fulfil them by the end of the year I know that I have tried my hardest to get there.

    Here are my goals for this year and I hope that I can fulfil as many as I can:

    Educate Myself – I really want to press on with improving my blog this year and to do this I need to learn some new skills.

    Photography has become a huge love of mine but I have been completely winging it so I am going to enroll on a photography course to hone my skills.

    SEO is something that scares and baffles me in equal measures and is something I am determined to understand and implement this year.

    Blog design is something I have no idea how to start with, but I’m going to have a complete rebranding this year and hope to do most of it myself.

    A Tidy House, A Tidy Mind – My house has become increasingly cluttered this year with piles in corners and stuff squirrelled away.

    This year I want to have a clear home that will hopefully allow me to be more organised in other areas of my life.

    Giving Back – The extravagances of Christmas have got me thinking about teaching the children there are people out there that a lot less fortunate and getting them involved in projects that allow us to give a little something back.

    Making food bank donations and sponsored fun runs are just a couple of the things I have in mind for us to do.

    Play Everyday – After lots of time together and the obligatory Christmas games I have decided to dedicate one night a week to just playing games together as a family.

    No screens will be allowed and we can have a few hours together having some good old fashioned fun  as a family, so any board game recommendations would be more than welcome!

    Stop Procrastinating – I am terrible at putting things off in favour of doing something more appealing.

    This is why I get into a state of panic several times a week when I’ve left posts until the last minute or school projects that that kids need help with.

    From now on I will make lists of things they need doing and get them done without the constant distractions I make for myself.

    One On One Time – I’ve attended a few events this year that I’ve only taken one of the children to and this one on one time with them had been so good for both of us.

    This is going to be a hard one but I’m going to try my hardest to get some time every month on my own with just one child at a time.

    Time For Me And My Relationship – Both of these this are always way at the back of the queue when it comes to priorities and every year I promise to put myself and my husband first every now and then and it never happens.

    From now on even if it’s just a coffee on my own to be away from the home to collect my own thoughts or a trip to the cinema with my husband it’s going to be one of my top priorities as I’m sure it makes for a happier home for everyone in the long run.

    Who knows how many of this goals will be meet and if they are will I keep them up for the entire year.

    All I know is I’m going to try my hardest and give my all and I can’t do any better than that!


    In The Night Garden Live:Family Ticket Giveaway

    Last year we were lucky enough to go along to Richmond Park and see In The Night Garden Live.

    The interactive show transported us right into the heart of the Night Garden and the colours, music and fabulous performers kept my youngest two transfixed to the stage throughout the whole show!

    If you have any little ones at home that love the Night Garden then In The Night Garden Live is a must!

    The show is running at for several months at the following venues:

    Blackheath, London 25th May 17-10th June 17

    Richmond Old Deer Park, London 17th June 17-5th July 17

    Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham 12th July 17-30th July 17

    The Trafford Centre, Manchester 5th August 17- 28th August 17

    I have a fantastic giveaway running from the 1st-8th January that you can enter for your chance a win a family ticket which comprises of four standard tickets to the show for any of the venues (subject to availability).
    Click HERE to enter. Good luck!