Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Getting children into sport at a young age is of great importance.  Not only will they benefit on a physical level but it will help to build good social skills, discipline and learn how that practicing and sticking at something can reap great rewards.

Our Tuesday afternoon activity is Mini Bounce at out local sports centre.  Number four has taken a while to get used to the concept of bouncing rather than running along the trampoline like a mad man.  But now he has got the hang of it he loves it.

Trampolining is fantastic for balance, agility, timing and coordination.  It is also a great base sport to lead you into other things.  Number two is a keen scooter and is looking into it as practice for his flips before trying it out on the ramps.

We use the Phoenix Centre in Wallington which is part of the Everyone Active group that are nationwide.  They are well priced classes with a super friendly instructor who makes the sessions safe and fun.  We add on softplay to the end of our session so that number five can have some fun too.

What is your chosen sport for your toddler?

Lemonade The Goldfish And Foamy Bathtime

Today bought the dreaded question I somehow thought I had managed to avoid “where is my fish?”

A few months ago I got up to the terrible sight of a floating ‘Goldie’ in the fish tank.  I swiftly removed him before he was seen by little eyes, but before I knew it number four was by my side asking where Goldie was!!  In a state of panic I said that he was having a rest in the shed.  To this day I have no idea why this ludicrous thought came into my head.

Weeks passed and the replacement fish was never bought and no more questions were asked.  So instead of doing the sensible thing and teaching him about the unfortunate death and grieving process I now how to keep up this ridiculous facade and decided to tell him he had swam away, but we could go and see if we could go and find another lovely fish just like Goldie.

We took a trip to Woodcote Green garden centre in Wallington.  This really is the Rolls Royce of garden centres.  They have all the usual things you would expect plus a fantasic farm shop with a beautiful deli, butchers and bakery.  An extentsive gift selection, aquarium, two cafes which are nice but slightly over priced and a small outdoor play area for the youngsters.

After spending a while taking in the afternoons beautiful sunshine in the play area we made our way to the aquarium where Frankie very carefully picked out the exact lemon goldfish he wanted.  We set  on the name of Lemonade due to his colour and carefully took him home to the safety of his new tank, with the thought clearly in my mind that when the inevitable happens to poor Lemonade I will deal with it in a much more appropriate way than last time.

As we were on a watery theme today I thought that we could have some fun at bath time tonight with some colours shaving foam.

Number four has suffered with severe eczema over the past few years so bubble baths have been a no no for a long time.

This easy mixture of cheap shaving foam with a few drops or sprinkling of food colouring gave loads of fun to number three, four and five and are plain enough to not affect sensitive skin.