The Pain Of Advent Calendars 

This year for me has been the same as ever.  The 30th November come around and panic sets in as I’ve forgotten the advent calendars once again!

For weeks before I have walked passed them with the children asking for them and me refusing as its to early.  This is due to the fact that I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate and will eat the contents before the kids get a look in.

After trawling the supermarkets I always end up with grabbing whatever is left and always upsetting one of them for not being able to get the one they had requested.

The largest of all dramas though is saved for 1st December itself.  The older ones just relish the fact they are allowed to have chocolate before school and happily find the first door to open.  It is a completely different story for the youngest two!

Number five who is not yet two had a beautiful beaming smile as I opened up his Peppa Pig calendar.  He sat and happily ate his chocolate until he realised it had been put back onto the shelf; at which point wenthen had the screeches of “more chocolate” for the next thirty minutes.  Number four was a little sneakier about the whole situation and chose to scour the worktops whist I wasn’t looking and sneak the calendar into his bedroom and eat the entire contents!

Roll on day two where number five will undoubtedly cause the same comotion and number four will fall straight into meltdown mode as he realises he has no calendar.  I think I will take the advent books option next year.