Preparing For Our First Time Under Canvas At Elderflower Fields


Last year we attended our first festival as a family, in fact it was a first for me too.  I had always loved the thought of dancing around with flowers in my hair and the kids running wild but then worried about the realities of rubbish weather and missing children.

I bit the bullet and went with my heart and decided we would just visit one for the day to see how it went.

I came across Elderflower Fields which looked perfect for our first festival as it was smaller than some of the others I had considered.  

It was even more wonderful than I ever imagined and was actually surprised at what a fabulous time we had. So much so that we will be returning this year to have our first time under canvas!

I wrote a post a while ago about how outdoor play is on the decline and it is a subject that is now very close to my heart and try to spend as much time outside with the little ones as I possibly can.  What could be better than a whole weekend in the middle of the beautiful countryside with no technology, the great outdoors, good food, great music and lots of activities to keep them all amused.
Take a look at what we got up to last year and keep an eye out for how we are going to get prepared over the next few weeks!

Climbing Afternoon At White Spider

With a horrible week of colds in this house we were all going a little stir crazy and needed to get out so the children could let off some steam.

Normally we would opt for somewhere outdoors on a Sunday but still not being 100% I couldn’t face the cold weather and the usual rainy day option of soft play is a no no for us at weekends as my blood pressure can’t take it!

Number four had been taking about rock climbing for a while now but I couldn’t find anywhere there had anywhere suitable for his age as he has just turned four until I came across White Spider.

It is a fantastic centre offering climbing and bouldering in a super cool space with a cafe serving yummy refreshments and a  separate area for younger children called Spider Castle which is what we went along to have a look at.

The castle has a climbing wall attached to the outside and several levels inside to climb up and slide down.

I took my youngest three and they all had a fabulous time exploring everything the castle had to offer whilst my husband and I could keep a close eye on them while having a really good coffee!

We spent a good few hours here and the children had a fantastic time.  Number three and four are keen to come back and try the main walls and the bouldering really caught my eye.

The only issue I had was that a few of the staff were less than child friendly which was a shame as the whole place is set up to be really family friendly.