Celebrating The Small Things:Week Twenty Eight

Well I nearly catching my tail and I have made it to the end of the school term with my ‘Celebrating The Small Things’ series. I have to say that I’m dreading Oscar starting school but I will give me a chance to really get my working day in order and hopefully get more organised…well we will see!

This week I am taking about school awards, park trips and kids fashion.

Dot To Dot London – My blog covers such a variety of topics which I often think I should kerb to be a little more niche but then realise being a bit of everything opens up some great opportunities. One of which being kids fashion that I have a real passion for.

I have always loved kitting the kids out and to be honest their wardrobes are always way better than mine.

The other week I got the chance to go along to Dot London which is a press show for all kinds of fabulous children’s wear brands. There were some of my favourites there that I have worked with before such as Tootsa McGinty and some brand new companies that I can’t wait to see the Autumn/Winter.

Hours And Hours In The Park – One little thing I am certainly celebrating is the amazing weather we have been blessed with this year. We are huge fans of the great outdoors and it has been made so much more accessible with the sunshine on tap that we have had. I honestly don’t think we have had as many picnics and park trips as we have this year.

Feeling Proud – Izzy has just finished her first year at high school and I have to say I couldn’t be prouder of all she has achieved in her time there. She has never been naturally gifted when it comes to the academic side of life but she always gives her all and works to be best of her ability. This was recognised at the end of term when she received an award for all her efforts and I actually think I was happier than her about it!

The BiB Awards 2017 Are Open And I Would Love Your Support

Two years into blogging and I think I can finally now say that I now know exactly what ignites my passion to keep writing…photography.

When I first started my blog I floundered around not really knowing what I wanted to focus on and was forever worrying that I didn’t have a niche.

Still this far down the line the title family and lifestyle really does suit me best and the topics I cover are as irratic as my life and this is what I love.

I would be bored writing about the same subject all the time and as they say ‘variety is the spice of life’

One thing that has stood firm through the though is my passion for photography, in fact I would say my love grows for it by the day.

I’ve not had any formal training and that is something that is still on top of my wish list but my aim had always been to try and capture those moments be them good or bad so they they are recorded for a lifetime to come so they are never truly forgotten.

If you read my blog I hope that you have enjoyed scrolling through my images on my posts and over on Instagram which is something I have a pretty large addition too!

I really hope that you love looking through my photos as much as I enjoy taking them and I would love you to take a few minutes to click on the link below and cast a vote in the photo section for me.

It would be a dream to get nominated and here is a big thank you for taking the time to read this post and hopefully give me a vote.


Camp Bestival Up For Best Festival Awards

img_9970As I’m sure you all know if you follow my blog we attended Camp Bestival this year and had an absolutely out of this world experience.

It was the most fabulous start to our summer holidays and gave us memories that will last a lifetime.

They are very deservingly up for awards in the best medium and family categorise in the 2016 UK Festival Awards.

If you have been and experienced the splender of the festival yourself, or if you have been taken by the good things you’ve heard then please pop over ‘here‘ and give them a vote.



Jacadi Become Award Winners

Just before Christmas last year I was invited to the store opening of the French children’s wear brand Jacadi.

I wasn’t a brand I had heard much about  before but I was really taken by their simple, classic designs with a modern twist.

It appears that it is not only me that has been won over by this brand as they have very deservingly just won the prestigious title of ‘Best Baby Designer Brand’ and came in at a good third place in ‘Kids Best Footwear’ in Junior Magazine Design Awards 2016.

There was a lot of strong competition in both these categories so they did superbly to be placed so highly.

If you would like to take a look for yourself at some of their beautiful pieces then pop over to their newly launched website or get yourselves along to their new store that is due to open at the beginning of September, which is perfect timing to start thinking about your little ones Autumn and Winter wardrobes!

My First Blogger’s Award Season

When I started my blog last year the hype of the blogging awards had just started.  It all washed over my head as I was still getting to grips with the basics; well to be honest I still am!

At the end of last week the MADS2016 and BIBS2016 opened their doors to the nominations and I’m really excited to be able to be a part of it this year.

Through social media and some wonderful events I have had the pleasure to meet some wonderful Bloggers and read their fantastic blogs.  Each one offers something different and each writer has their own unique style.  This has made me gravitate towards these and go back to read certain ones time and time again.

I’ve actually found it hard to think about the category that I would fit into as I don’t really have a niche.  With a large family with big age span I tend to cover a vast range of subjects making my blog as scatty as me!

This said, if you have enjoyed reading my blog over the past year I would love to have your support by clicking on one of the links below and giving me a nomination.  

I’ve put all my heart and countless hours into my new found love and knowing that others enjoying reading as much as I love writing would make it all worthwhile!

For the BIBS fresh voice, photo or family seem to best suit and lifestyle, preschool or photography would be great for MADS best use of photography or lifestyle would be fantastic!

Tots 100 Awards