The Snow Kingdom:Backyard Cinema

Fancy visiting the cosiest cinema ever? Somewhere that creates a special experience from the moment you set foot inside? then The Backyard Cinema is the place to go.

I was lucky enough to visit this cinema a few years ago when the theme was Movies In A Lost World and it felt just like we were stepping into a scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark with temples, monkeys and even a vine to grab onto to swing to your seats!

With Christmas on its way the Backyard Cinema has turned into hidden snow kingdom that allows you to venture through ice caves and across frozen lakes until you finally uncover the enchanted castle.

Once inside you can snuggle up on the cosy beanbags and cover up with a blanket whist watching a huge selections of classics such as Home Alone, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas and many more.

Refreshments aren’t your usual popcorn and coke in plastic cups either. There is a chance to sample some gorgeous cocktails such as Toxic Apple or Bubblegum Whizzbang.

From a special treat for the kids to a cosy date night their is something to suit everyone and different packages that can be selected ‘here’ to make the evening just as you like it.

We are off there in a few weeks to watch one of our all time favourite films so keep an eye out for how we get on.

Experience A Cinema Like No Other:Backyard Cinema

Pulling up into a shopping complex, picking up your cartons of popcorn and settling down into the hard seats to watch your film.

Does this sound like your normal trip to the cinema? 

It does mine and that is exactly why I avoid going, much to the annoyance of my family.

Thankfully Backyard Cinema have turned tradition on its head and have bought a whole new cinematic experience to London.

You make your entrance through the lost jungle whilst stumbling through the temple ruin to arrive in the extra special cinema area full of bean bags that you can relax on whist sipping a cocktail and munching on your popcorn!

Over the next few months they are showing some real classics such as The Goonies, Hook, Lion King and many more!

Below is a trailer to help you set the scene and keep an eye out for our review they will be up after our visit in a few weeks!