Wicked Wednesday:It Wasn’t Me!!

I’ve smugly not linked up to Wicked Wednesday with Brummy Mummy Of 2 for a while now so clearly my children thought they would perform a cracker for me to come back with!!

I was casually tidying the front room when I came across number two’s name graffitied into the sofa!

Upon interrogation when he got home from school we soon realised it was not infect him as he pointed out why would he be as stupid as to write his own name.

Looking into the corner of the room sights were set on number three who after a lot of denial admitted to it being her!  Let’s just say she is firmly in the naughty list!!



Wicked Wednesday’s:Cake Review Disaster¬†

If any of you follow my blog you will have probably noticed by now that the majority of parenting fails and kid disasters normally fall at the hands of number four.

He has excelled himself this week by getting hold of the cake I was reviewing for Baker Days and completely defaced it!!  Luckily enough I had managed to get some pictures before the demon child attacked.