Perfect Festival Playmate:Bratz Festival Vibes Doll

Festival season is in full swing and we have been lucky enough to visit Elderflower Fields and Camp Bestival already.

One thing I have found is that during the much needed downtime at festivals the kids love to bring along toys to play with in and around their tent.

What better toy would there be to take along than your very own festival ready Bratz doll.

They have come up with a fabulous range of dolls that have their usual trademark over sized features, cool make up and funky hair with the addition of fab festival ready clothes and accessories.

We were sent Raya with her flowing blonde hair, pretty dresses, oversized sunglasses, record shaped bag and a festival style band for you to wear yourself.

All the little ones spent ages brushing her hair and changing outfits so she was always ready to party.  The loved the fact her handbag could be filled with all the bits and pieces she might need while she was out and about.

One of my favourite features were the music note earrings!

Although Raya had a fantastic time with us on our festival trips she would be just as much fun anywhere you wanted to play with her or any of her friends.

*We were sent this doll for the purpose of this review and they are all my own honest opinions.

Bratz Remix Cloe Doll Review

It has to be more than 10 years ago since I last saw a Bratz doll.

My eldest was obsessed with them and spent hours in her room swapping clothes, doing their hair and setting up little scenarios.

When I was asked to review the newly launched Bratz Remix doll I was hoping that number three was going to love them just as much as her sister had all those years ago.

She turned ten earlier in the year and had cleared out most of her dolls so I wasn’t sure how she was going to react when the package arrived.

The opening was unfortunately taken out of her hands as the two little devils got theirs hands on the post and ripped it open before she got a chance.

At least this shows they are appealing to boys too!

Once she got her hands on Cloe she was immediately taken with the cool clothes and even said she would love the cropped top in her own size!

She loved the funky oversized headphones that really appealed to her as she is a huge music lover and aspiring singer.

Cloe’s hair was really easy to style with the cute heart shaped brush which allowed number four to spent a long time trying out new hairstyles.

The only issue we really found was that the movable limbs moved well but she was not that easy to stand upright and took a fair bit of balancing.

All in all number three was really pleased with her doll and can’t wait to add some friends to start a new collection.

With the music theme of the doll we had a little chat about how music makes you feel and she let me know a few of her favs:

What song makes you happy? 

Hair by Little Mix

What song makes you feel confident?

Impossible by James Arthur

What song makes you want to dance?

New Soul by Jay Z

What song makes you want to sing?

Diamonds by Rihanna

What song reminds you of your favourite people?

Always Be Together by Little Mix

Music plays such an important role in people’s lives and I was so surprised that she could relate songs to feelings at such a young age.

We had such a good time trying out the doll which lead to a great Mum and daughter chat about music and how it makes you feel.

The dolls are really on trend which will appeal to a wide range of ages, comes with super cool accessories and would make a great gift for any little music loving fashionista like mine!
* We were given this doll for the purpose of this review and they are all our own honest opinions.