A Sunny Trip To Brighton Breeze

One of my dreams is to one day own my very own Volkswagen camper van, I simply love everything about them.

I know that in reality it would be completly impractical for seven people, they cost a fortune and break down all the time but this will still not quash my dream!

I saw that Brighton Breeze was on this weekend so the hubby and I took the youngest two on a trip to see the huge congregation of vans that meet there.

I was overwhelmed with the vast display of old and new vans and a few cars that were there with their proud owners.  Such hard work and dedication had been put into each vehicle and the owners love and personality completly shone through.

The boys loved looking at all the different colours and decoration, even though one can left number four a little worried with a pair of fake legs dangling out from under the van.

My husband favorite was a fantastically designed brown van with a pinup theme.

I loved everyone of them but my favorite has still got to be the split screen.


Once we had spent a good while looking at all the vans and taking in their beauty we made the most of the wonderful autumn sunshine and spent the rest of the day wondering around one of our favorite seaside towns.


Full up with fish and chips and worn out from a windy walk along the front we all went home with happy thoughts and dreams of camper van trips we would love to experience in years to come.