My First Blogger’s Award Season

When I started my blog last year the hype of the blogging awards had just started.  It all washed over my head as I was still getting to grips with the basics; well to be honest I still am!

At the end of last week the MADS2016 and BIBS2016 opened their doors to the nominations and I’m really excited to be able to be a part of it this year.

Through social media and some wonderful events I have had the pleasure to meet some wonderful Bloggers and read their fantastic blogs.  Each one offers something different and each writer has their own unique style.  This has made me gravitate towards these and go back to read certain ones time and time again.

I’ve actually found it hard to think about the category that I would fit into as I don’t really have a niche.  With a large family with big age span I tend to cover a vast range of subjects making my blog as scatty as me!

This said, if you have enjoyed reading my blog over the past year I would love to have your support by clicking on one of the links below and giving me a nomination.  

I’ve put all my heart and countless hours into my new found love and knowing that others enjoying reading as much as I love writing would make it all worthwhile!

For the BIBS fresh voice, photo or family seem to best suit and lifestyle, preschool or photography would be great for MADS best use of photography or lifestyle would be fantastic!

Tots 100 Awards