Learning More About Sustainable Food

Here in the UK we all love to eat, in fact over the year we consume tons of food that probably most of us don’t really think to much about.

We all want something that tastes good, is easy to get our hands on and quick to prepare but the back story behind how our favourite foods get to us is a pretty complex one and also something that we all need to give a little more thought and consideration.

Sustainable food is something that starts at the very beginning and over the past few years a lot of work has gone into getting the farmers, fishermen etc to change their way of working to make the detrimental impact on the environment far less.

The ethos behind sustainable food is taking into account the environment, health, social and environmental concerns.

Farmers are moving on from using conventional fertilisers and swapping over to an organic way of farming. This is one way in which this can help the environment, the animals and the workers.

There is still a lot of work to do in this area but with time and knowledge I am hopeful we will continue to see changes.

Back to use now as there are plenty of thing we can do to help in the home by following these guidelines and I have listed below:

Shop Local And Seasonally – Our high streets are sadly becoming a thing of the past with large supermarkets and internet shopping bringing us such competitive prices the pull is pretty great but taking things back to basics is what we need to do.

I also find that shopping locally and getting more hands on with your approach food is great for the children and gives them a far greater knowledge of where food comes from.

We managed to get some delicious apples from our local green grocer the other day and created some delicious deconstructed toffee apples that we all loved!

Shopping locally from the butchers and green grocers allows us to support small business and buy local and seasonal products that have a huge impact on the way we eat.

Buy Organic – Buying organic can put people off as the price tag is generally a lot heftier then ordinary produce. The benefits of the quality of the food and the impact on the environment are certainly worth those extra pennies though.

Promote Heath And Wellbeing – We are fast becoming a glutinous nation and steps need to be put into place now to educate ourselves and our children on healthy eating, balance and food waste.

Choose Fair Trade – Wherever possible try to keep an eye out for the fair trade symbol on packages. They go to great efforts to insure their producers get a good deal and put so much back into social and economic opportunities for people.

Cutting Back On Animal Origin Foods – My sister turned vegan a fair while ago now and a lot of her decisions were based on the impact on the environment eating meat and it’s byproducts have.

I don’t think this could ever be a move for me but I am certainly putting in place wats to cut down on meat a few timed a week and switch over to milk alternatives such as soya and oat milk.

We are also big fish fans in our house but we are opting to cut back on spies such as cod that are facing danger of being wiped out due to over fishing.

I hope this has given you all a little food for though…excuse the pun! I would love to know if sustainable food is something you already do something about and if you have anymore tips I could try out.

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The Sun Is Out And So Are The Smokers!

As we all know this spell of beautiful weather is probably going to be short lived so we all want to make the most of it.

I love nothing more than heading to the park with the children to play in the sun.  Or even better a park with a lovely cafe adjacent so we can all relax and grab something to eat whilst we are there.

This is exactly what we did the other weekend only to have been completely put off by the plumes of smoke that engulfed us from the next table.

Since the smoking ban in enclosed public spaces in 2007 to reduce the affect of passive smoking there has been a drop in the number of people that smoke.  This is a great achievement and the move has been of monumental change for the better for so many reasons.  I now think this should be extended to smoking in outdoor children’s areas.

We as a family don’t smoke and I don’t see why I should take my children to play somewhere that they have to share someone else’s secondhand smoke.  

I completely understand that smoking is a personal choice and that the effect on others outside is greatly reduced, but in areas that are set up for children it is unessesary and as well as the health implications it it not good role modelling in front of children.

We all try really hard to give our children the best starts in life, teaching them to eat well and exercise and normalising smoking which is one of the most damaging habits they can pick up is something we should all try to keep them away from.

What are your thought on this?

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