Pines And Needles:A Family Affair

Last year the lovely people at Pines And Needles introduced me to the world of real tress and since then I would never look back.

From the excitement of going along to select the perfect tree to the the anticipation of it being delivered to the front door the thrill of buying real is pretty special.

The other evening we went along to Pines And Needles wimbeldon branch to take part in their Treetorial event and select our very own tree.

During the event a member of staff who are always kitted out beautifully in their Santa hats and kilts(the trees come from Scotland!) showed the children and gave them a few facts about the trees, let them pick out some decorations to decorate a tree whilst we were there and the highlight for Izzy was getting a ride through the tree wrapping machine!

Filled with their new found knowledge the children picked out a stunning 7ft Norway Spruce that they have named ‘Piney’ who they egarly awaited the delivery of the next evening.

Unfortunately ‘Bruce’ arrived after the little ones bed time but it actually made for a more magical morning as they all rushed down the stairs to see it first thing in the morning. Izzy has already said she knew it was here as the smell has waffted into her bedroom and Oscar immediately dived in for a cuddle proclaiming he loved him!

For the next few hours I had pulling, poking and prodding until it was time to decorate our stunning tree.

After a few fraught moments of twisted lights and broken baubles the tree was complete and had once again become the most beautiful focal point of the front room and the whole story of the chosing, naming and decorating will be a found memory for the whole family to remember for many years to come.

If you are yet to get your tree and think that Pines and Needles is the way to go for you then you can use the code JOYOF5 and this will get you 5% off of your tree of choice.

There are plenty of venues to find across London or you can also purchase online.

I would love to see you trees in all their glory and if you fancy naming yours like us then don’t forget to use the hashtag #brucethespruce on all your social media posts.

*collaborated post

Pines And Needles:The Only Way To Pick Your Christmas Tree

I have always had an artificial tree until last year when Pines And Needles changed my way of thinking and now I am real trees all the way.

The colour, the smell and the chance to make the whole process a real family tradition has me hooked and Pines And Needles make this such a fun and easy experience that I would challenge anyone to go back to an artificial tree once they have bought from them.

They offer a huge range of services from going along to one of their pop up stores that cover many areas of London and taking it home yourself to the complete package of having your tree selected for you, delivered to your door and even decorated for you.

We are off to one of their Treetorial events in Wimbledon next week that are taking place all over London where we can spend the afternoon getting into the festive spirit and choosing our perfect tree.

If this sounds like something that would interest you then take a look at their dates ‘here’.

I also have a special code that will give you 5% off any tree purchase when you mention JOYOF5.

More Than Just A Tree With Pines And Needles

Christmas trees have been around since the 1830’s and are most definitely the centrepiece of the home when it comes to Christmas decorations.

The mere sight and smell of a real tree is one of the biggest gifts that Christmas brings.

From the end of November I am champing at the bit to get mine up and love everything about the whole process from picking the tree to adorning it with beautiful decorations.

This year I was lucky enough to be asked along by the lovely people at Pines And Needles to one of their many pop up shops that span London and the South Of England to pick out my very own tree.

I was greeted with a warm welcome, the sweet sound of carol singers and a sea of beautiful green trees that immediately set my Christmas spirit alight.

I walked amongst the many trees and had a bit of a hard time trying to select my perfect tree from the huge selection.

There wasn’t a spindily, sparce tree in sight. Just a huge array of stunning trees with thick, beautifully scented branches that were just screaming to be decorated! 

The staff were more than happy to help and the whole family feel of Pines And Needles is something I was immediately taken with.

The company was started from the back of a horse cart by Josh and Sam Lyle – two entrepreneurial brothers that have grown their vast business whilst still keeping a friendly, welcoming feel that is so important.

With my tree chosen and a few mince pies eaten all that was let now was to wait for it to be delivered straight the door the following day.

This is a fantastic service that takes a huge hassle out of shopping for a real tree and it doesn’t stop there. You can also have it installed and decorated for you by the team.

I was absolutely gutted to be in the school run when our tree arrived, but it was a wonderful suprise to come home to my husband standing by the tree that had been bought in and erected in the perfect spot with no mess at all.

The look on the children’s faces was absolutely priceless and their little fingers were twitching with excitement to get it decorated.

It’s moments like these that I will treasure forever and hope that the memories of receiving this wonderful tree will last a lifetime as after all for me the happiness of children is what Christmas is all about.